Author: Cassandra Hughes

4 Reasons Fiat Online Casinos Will Ditch Bitcoin

The increasing rate of fiat-operated online casinos adopting Bitcoin as one of the payment methods is a clear indication of the digital currency’s progress into the mainstream. It hints the growing demand of the player base, and it presents the potential casinos see in Bitcoin. This is the reason all hail was made when Vera&John

Asian Markets Warm Up to Bitcoin Again to the Delight of Bitcoin Casinos

The Asian markets have no plans of being left out of the global cryptocurrency trend as local companies continue to develop services that promote Bitcoin adoption in the region. New Bitcoin exchange surfaces in Japan Existing cryptocurrency exchange Zaif now allows Bitcoin to be traded after Tech Bureau Inc. opened its platform for the most

Australia’s ‘Hottest Bitcoin Market’ May Dictate Bitcoin Gambling Popularity

Gambling online with real money in the Land Down Under is legally prohibited, but using bitcoins to play the Bitcoin casino games on the web is not. Players, therefore, should not have any trouble wagering on any cryptocurrency betting website, even more so in a Bitcoin-friendly country like Australia. Although a law that formally recognizes

Bali Opens Doors for Bitcoin Entrepreneurs, Creatives via Bali Bitcoin Binge 2014

More innovations with the Bitcoin technology will soon initiate improvements in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Entrepreneurs and influencers work their minds and hearts to produce ideas and results aimed at creating new or enhancing existing markets. The Bitcoin casino market, among numerous others, is included. While the common venue for Bitcoin entrepreneurs, creatives, and startups to

Bitcoin Affirms Potential Role in World Cup Mobile Betting Trend

The 2014 FIFA World Cup has stirred a growing trend in the online gambling industry that emphasizes the use of mobile devices to wager, and betting with Bitcoin has proven its potential to become not just the alternative but as the primary mode of placing bets via its mobile Bitcoin casino and sportsbooks. According to

Bitcoin Bettors to Benefit from ‘Extremely Transparent’ Online Exchange

Casino enthusiasts will no longer have to fear another Mt. Gox implosion because a Hong Kong-based exchange is changing the landscape of online cryptocurrency trading by introducing extreme transparency within its system. Became publicly available on July 2, Coinport is a new exchange that uniquely offers transparency mechanisms, which include executable proof-of-reserve tests available to

Bitcoin Casino Affiliation Explained in 5 Astounding Benefits

Gambling should never be regarded as a profit-making activity since this kind of perception is one factor that may lead bettors to lose control and, eventually, get addicted to it. However, for Bitcoin gambling enthusiasts who wish to make a living or at least a few extra incomes in the lucrative world of Bitcoin casino

Bitcoin Casino Bettors Benefit from Coinsetter’s Rebate Program

US-based online bettors can enjoy exchanging their bitcoins for the dollar without fee deductions through the Coinsetter platform by simply making a transfer from their Coinbase account. Available through Coinsetter’s new rebate program, Coinbase wallet users can bypass the need to interact with international banks with regard to making deposits and withdrawals, according to the

Bitcoin Casino Market Prevails Despite Worries Over Bitcoin

The low Bitcoin value cannot be denied, especially the fact that it is struggling to regain momentum in the market and return to at least its price before the start of 2015. Many questions were raised, particularly in the Bitcoin casino market. Although there seems to be a distant connection between the slump the digital

Bitcoin Casino Shutdown Reveals Bitter Truths

It did not take long for the peer-to-peer currency Bitcoin to be dubbed as the virtual currency made for online gambling. It was as if the online gaming community fell in love with Bitcoin at the very first sight. This does not surprise the industry, then, that many websites fully operating or supporting the digital

Bitcoin Casinos, Bettors Found Refuge in Online Forum

The Bitcoin forum popularly known as Bitcointalk is more than just a venue where enthusiasts and adopters of the digital currency can learn about the general details that revolve around it. Being a platform that caters to everything about Bitcoin, this forum also plays a huge role in maintaining and fostering a healthy and dynamic

Bitcoin Conventions and the Role They Play in the Success of the Digital Currency

More businesses, organizations, and individuals have started to live and breathe Bitcoin, and as the adopters of the digital currency continually expand, the need for a broader venue to share, discuss, and showcase ideas, innovations, and resolutions intensifies, and therefore, it sees the necessity for a series of conferences, conventions, and events to serve as

Bitcoin Entrepreneur Settles SEC Charges with a $50,000 Fine

Bitcoin entrepreneur Eric Voorhees has agreed to pay $50,000 to settle the charges formally imposed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with regard to his illegal and unauthorized share offerings. The announcement made Tuesday revealed that Voorhees has been banned from offering Bitcoin securities for the next five years and was fined a

Bitcoin Finds Strong Market in Online Gambling and Casinos

It has always been reported that more than half of the Bitcoin use worldwide are attributed to the transactions made in Bitcoin casinos and gambling platforms online. While this is evidently a success story for the Bitcoin gambling industry, it raises certain perceptions from enthusiasts and speculators alike that pinpoint the possibilities for the digital

Bitcoin Foundation’s Jon Matonis, Top Speakers Join Bitcoin4iGaming

The first-ever conference that highlights the role of Bitcoin in the iGaming industry is set to take off this November, and it will be graced by key speakers from the two sectors, as well as the Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation, Jon Matonis himself. Matonis who heads the association that is at the forefront