Bet on NBA Finals while Playing Bitcoin Casino Games

Jun 01, 2017
Bet on NBA Finals while Playing Bitcoin Casino Games

Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors are going to settle the score on June 1. Anyone who wants to get the most out of this epic clash between two titans should visit some top Bitcoin sportsbooks for some NBA Finals betting.

Sportsbooks allow a player to get monetary rewards for backing his favorite team if the team wins. At the same time, the sites provide some basketball-related attractions that help to fan the hype for the upcoming match.

Betting on favorite teams with Bitcoin

Backing a favorite team is a time honored tradition for many sports fans. Bettors may want to get the same thrill as what their favorite players are experiencing on the court. Casual bettors might think this is a negative thing since a player is emotionally attached to a group of players and is a bad idea to also get financially attached.

Bet on NBA finals and play casino games using Bitcoin

However, Cavs or Warriors fans have a good chance of winning their bet than casual bettors. Fans will likely know most of their favorite team’s performance. They might also have a good idea of how much Stephen Curry or Lebron James’ total score will be by the end of the game. Fans will have the info they need to make a sure bet for the upcoming NBA finals than other bettors.

A good way of making the experience of betting on a favorite team more rewarding is to do it with Bitcoin. Many sportsbooks and casinos are accepting the digital currency due to its benefits for both bettors and operators. These sportsbooks include Bovada, 1xBit, and

One such benefit is speed. Almost every fiat payment methods require a middleman for each transaction. This middleman makes sure that a bettor’s money goes to the correct sportsbook address and vice versa. The middleman is the reason why it may take a considerable amount of time for a bettor to receive his winnings.

Bitcoin transactions do not require middlemen because it is using blockchain technology. A player who wins his bet these coming NBA finals is sure to receive his winnings almost instantly with Bitcoin.

Getting into the game

There are other ways a bettor gets more out of the NBA finals with this sportsbook like basketball-themed Bitcoin slot or casino games. Another are prop bets. These are interesting bets for certain points of the match. There are some bets on who will be the last team to score by the end of the game. Another is for who will have the most points by the end of either of the four quarters.

Another way to enjoy the match is through live bets where bettors can make wagers in the middle of the game. Live bets are different because of their changing odds. Bettors can potentially get a big payout from this kind of bet than the regular wagers.