Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Get a share, fair and square, with Bitcoin affiliate programs. You just have to advertise and market a product in the easiest and fastest ways you could ever imagine, and be ready to have good earnings. There are several bitcoin platforms, especially a Bitcoin casino that offers this mode to promote their brand; hence, you will sure have the time of your life just relaxing and waiting for the customers to bring money at your feet.

How Bitcoin affiliate programs work

Bitcoin affiliate programs works in a simple way. Usually, the affiliate’s site, the merchant’s site, and the customer are just the main parties involved in this deal. To provide a clearer view on this, here is a guideline on how this program actually works.

  1. As an affiliate, it is necessary to first sign up in the bitcoin casino that offers the Bitcoin Affiliate Program and be keen on details provided.
  2. Banners and links to promote their casino will be provided for you to post in the affiliate’s website.
  3. If a customer visits the affiliate’s site and clicks on the ‘affiliate link’ and fortunately, registers or make a deposit (depends on the type of affiliate program offered), the affiliate will sure earn.
  4. Affiliates are paid within the ‘payment period’ which is usually per month.

Furthermore, one can get sure tons of boons in Bitcoin affiliate programs. Aside from being a great way to earn extra, the fact that it is fast and easy will sure entice anyone to learn more of it and give it a try. These are the advantages one can get with this spectacular program:

  • Signing up and posting are just the necessary things to do as an affiliate to get started with this feature.
  • Banners and links to be used will be provided by the bitcoin casino.
  • Get a chance to earn every minute and second daily as internet will made the advertisement available 24/7.
  • Fast and easy payments.
  • Promote the brand to a vast audience; hence, greater chance to earn more.
  • A website or an ad-space is all the affiliate needs to get into in this program.

Bitcoin casinos with an affiliate program

Another advantage of Bitcoin affiliate programs is the fact that there are numerous bitcoin casinos online offering this feature. Therefore, you will have greater spectrum of choices to choose from on what bitcoin casino you think will sure click and will give you sure amount of bitcoins. Here is the Bitcoin casino review list offering good affiliate programs:

  1. Bitoomba Casino – This casino has a mighty fine Bitcoin affiliate programs. They pay their affiliates 30% of the Managed Gross Revenue (MGR) for life. They will be paid once a month with no transaction fees or deductions.
  2. BC Casino – Affiliates can earn 25% of the net revenues made from every player they refer for life.
  3. Satoshi Bet – By promoting their site, affiliates can earn 25% of the house edge. Furthermore, there is no limit to the amount they will earn.
  4. Bitcoin Video Casino – They offer 25% of their house edge for the affiliates. No account is required here as the account is already set up.
  5. Winvery Casino – Earn a base 15% on all of the wins and losses in their casino by being an affiliate. Also, this rate, as they claimed, can increase with greater volume.
  6. – This program rewards affiliates with a fixed 40% revenue share commission that is good for a lifetime. Payouts are done automatically on a weekly basis, and the performance incentives and cash bonuses are readily available for the top
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