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Since the inception of Bitcoin, several entities have emerged to fully utilize and develop the advantages of this innovative cryptocurrency. As of today, society is presented with startups and businesses dedicated to making Bitcoin a mainstream mode of transaction, and there is a distinct industry that has effectively incorporated Bitcoin as an arsenal to spread fun and excitement to the masses with the help of Bitcoin casino bonus deals.

Bitcoin casinos are perhaps the most rampant entities in the Bitcoin ecosystem to date. Their appeal to Bitcoin users has reached up to a global scale that greatly contributes to the widespread acceptance of Bitcoin. In addition, there is a high possibility that more than half of Bitcoin transactions are done by their clients because of their staggering population.

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Another reason Bitcoin casinos are considered venerable in the cryptocurrency community is the various bonuses they offer to their clients. Moreover, these bonuses tend to invite more cryptocurrency users, regardless of their background with Bitcoin and online casinos.

Speaking of bonuses, one of the most sought-out deals today is the famous Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus. In reality, this bonus’ name seems too plain to be in demand for Bitcoin gamblers. However, there is more to this amazing Bitcoin casino bonus than meets the eye!

What is Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus?

The no deposit bonus or what others call ‘free money bonus’ is extremely popular in the realms of Bitcoin casinos. Obviously, the idea of ‘free’ makes everything about this casino bonus extraordinary. However, despite its widespread popularity among Bitcoin bettors, this casino bonus is still new in the industry.

This type of bonus works as the player’s ‘test money,’ which gives them the liberty to enjoy a certain Bitcoin venue without the risks of losing their own Bitcoin. This is a great deal because other Bitcoin casinos do not offer free games within their site. Therefore, claiming this bonus allows players to test-run the games of their choice.

Obtaining such wonderful giveaway is not that complicated at all. Players just need to register an account with their desired Bitcoin casino, and that’s it! Bettors must be reminded, though, that to be able to successfully acquire the bonus, they must not have deposited any BTC upon their registration.

Different Kinds of Bitcoin No Deposit Bonus

The Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus became popular not only because it gives players free money, but also because it comes in a variety of gratuities. It is not all about free money in this casino bonus. Once players have registered and subscribed to claim this bonus, it comes in different types, depending on their affiliated Bitcoin casino.

  • Free Spins

Sometimes, these bonuses are in the forms of in-game specials rather than free BTC. This also holds great advantages for players because these specials are technically difficult to obtain while playing Bitcoin games.

For instance, PropaWin, a fiat casino that has now integrated Bitcoin as one of their accepted modes of betting, offers an exclusive no deposit bonus for aspiring members of their site. This exclusive bonus is not in a form of free BTC, but of free spins. After registration, players are given 10 free spins for their famous Bitcoin slots.

  • Cashable

Moreover, there are no deposit bonuses that widen the bonus’ coverage. This means that some casinos allow players to immediately withdraw their free BTC without the need to pass the necessary procedures. This is called the ‘cashable no deposit bonus.’

  • Non-Cashable

On another note, there are those kinds that will not permit players to redeem the bonus amount. As such, all they can do is to use it to play games until they finish the bonus.

Overall, this giveaway is definitely a treat for Bitcoin gamblers, and it greatly complements the growth of Bitcoin casinos offering this bonus. Since this bonus is still new on the market, there is certainty that their roster of different freebies will grow and fully diversify to cater to every taste of Bitcoin players on a global scale.

How to Claim the No Deposit Bonus

As mentioned earlier, claiming this reward is just simple. However, as we get to know that there are various types of this bonus, there are certainly different methods on how to claim this reward. Nevertheless, these methods are user-friendly and absolutely easy to understand.

The root procedure is to create an account. Having an account allows the casino to have a specific address to where they can send the bonus BTC, regardless if the player is just casually playing or is an avid Bitcoin casino fan.

Moving forward, Bitcoin venues like Birwo Casino requires their players to enter a ‘bonus code’ in order for them to claim their reward. The downside to this one is that there are only limited slots for this bonus because of the high giveaway rate of .005 BTC, which is why they follow the ‘first come, first served’ method of reward.

On another note, other casinos ask their players to verify their account via the email address they provided the casino with. This is done by the majority of sites offering the Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus to determine the legitimacy of the account holder.

As such, claiming this bonus does not require intensive computer and technology knowledge. Rather, it is safe, secure, and most definitely hassle-free! In addition, free BTCs will instantly appear on the player’s account after every procedure is met. That being said, fast transactions are also practiced with the no deposit bonus!

Wagering the No Deposit Bonus

One of the most prominent terms in the Bitcoin gambling industry is the word ‘wager.’ This word can be encountered on either the bonus page of the website, where it explains that players must ‘wager’ their bet in order to claim their prize. This seemed to be contradicting to the ‘free money’ bonus Bitcoin casino offers.

However, this wagering requirement is actually a way to increase the player’s chances to double their free BTC. So, how does this work?

Players granted with free BTC are not yet allowed to immediately withdraw their prize due to the fact that Bitcoin casinos are only protecting their funds. If players are given the option to join a casino and leave with their prized Bitcoin, the majority of the bettors will do the same.

Nevertheless, the wagering requirement only requires players to wager their free BTC for a certain period of time. Once this was met, players are now allowed to cash out their free money plus the money they earned throughout their required game time. Wagering duration usually takes a minimum of one month with 40 times of gameplay using the free Bitcoin.

Advantages of the No Deposit Bonus

There are certainly several advantages when a player registers in a No Deposit Bonus casino. First of all, they are given free Bitcoin, which is already a win-win situation considering the complicated methods done just to obtain one coin.

Subsequently, players can use this free coin to further familiarize themselves regarding the games of their choice. They can also bet using the free Bitcoin and win more BTC, thereby having more BTC at hand without even cashing out a cent!

Overall, the Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus presents a whole heap of benefits for the Bitcoin gambling industry. Players ultimately wager and enjoy the thrill of betting without too much pressure and doubt. In addition, this bonus works great for novice Bitcoin gamblers because they can immediately level up their gaming experience for free together with a high chance of winning big.

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