Top Features
  • Virtual Sports betting 24/7
  • Virtual Race betting 24/7
  • Variety in slots and casino games
  • Uncommon casino games
  • Many casino game variants
  • Bingo and Keno games

Bitcoin casinos to play 1×2 Gaming games.

1×2 Gaming

1×2 Gaming is a popular fiat and Bitcoin casino software company due to its virtual sportsbook and casino games. The virtual sportsbook gives punters a good alternative to make wagers on while a certain sports season is over.

You can also find other casino games available on the table. This includes many unusual games than the ones you find in any online casino. The interesting features of 1×2 Gaming products are why Vbet and Bet-52 has the company’s casino games on its website.

Virtual sports by 1×2 Gaming

The bread and butter of 1×2 Gaming are its virtual sports games. There are various sports and events available. The sports available include tennis, soccer, American football, and rugby. There is also a virtual Racebook for the horse, cycles, and motor racing.

Many of these sportsbook games recreate popular real-world events and tournaments. This includes the World Cup, Champions League, and Euro Legends.

The virtual sportsbook works just like an actual sportsbook.  You have your typical sports bet like the winner of the match, the first to score a point, total points, and under/over bet. You can even select the type of odds you want to play with such as the decimal or American odds.

Some games offer a simple sportsbook layout where a match will automatically resolve itself and determine if you win your bet or not. There are other games that show a sports match that is happening in real time. This includes the Live Virtual Tennis game.

1×2 Gaming gives your player freedom to pick a sportsbook match that fits with what they are looking for. A player could go for the quick fix option or go for the full match experience with this sportsbook.

1×2 Gaming casino games

Having a large variety of games to play with is the key to a casino success. With 1×2 Gaming offers, you have different games to offer to various players. The company has its collection of old favorites such as virtual poker, roulette, craps, and blackjack that compete with other Bitcoin table games. In addition, they also offer variant games that have a few interesting twist to these classics. One example is the Astro Roulette that uses star signs on its roulette wheel instead of numbers.

1×2 Gaming has several mini versions of its games such as European Roulette and Classic Fruit. There are even mini versions of its virtual sports games. These mini versions are a great addition to casino software that accepts this type of games. Adding these to a bingo room can give your players a good distraction while waiting for the next bingo session.