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Eye of Ra Slot

Eye of Ra Slot is an Egyptian themed slot from Amatic. Despite its dated look, the game offers great sounds and jingles when creating a match. What makes this slot stand out is the way the reel’s shape as well as the 720 pay line which is not common in other slot games.

Graphics and Sounds

The artwork and sounds of Eye of Ra Slot actually look better than other Bitcoin slot games of its era. If you make a match with the symbols, you will get an uplifting jingle. What makes the sounds in this slot noticeable is how certain symbols will play different jingles. The card suit symbols play an upbeat harp jingle while the Horus symbol will give a Middle Eastern jingle.

Apart from the jingles, each symbol has its own small animation when you match it. The animation turns the symbol around to reveal a neon sign version of it. The winning animation of the symbols goes well with the unique jingles to make your wins much more memorable.


The Eye of Ra Slot has card suit symbols which provide the lowest possible payouts. The scarab symbol provides a slightly high payout. The Egyptian gods and Cleopatra offers a good payout rate. The highest possible payout in the game is the rare Bonus pyramid symbol. The second highest is the sarcophagus symbol.

Bonuses and Special Features

The shape of the reels and the 720 pay line is what makes Eye of Ra Slot fan favorite. The second and fourth reel has four symbols while the third reel has five. The wild symbols also appear only on the second, third and fourth reels. The structure of the reels makes it possible to make many kinds of matches in the game.

The Eye of Ra Slot Bitcoin casino bonus game is a free spin mode where you will get five free games. Despite the low amount of spins you get in the mode, there is an expanded wild feature in this game. The middle reel will have five stacked wilds through your free spins. You can get more Bitcoin casino free spins if you can match more pyramid symbol during the bonus game.

Why Play Eye of Ra Slot

The animation and winning jingle you get in the game makes matching the symbols for fun. The bonus game along with the structure of the reel as well as the stacked wilds can lead to an incredible amount of payouts.

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