Top Features
  • Live dealer casino games
  • Bets are set in sportsbook style
  • Seven various live games
  • Unique betting market in familiar card games
  • Changeable games with just one click
  • Mobile device compatibility

Bitcoin casinos to play Betgames games.


Having an authentic casino experience online is now easier with the use of technology. The market for Bitcoin casino software is rising fast with the high demands of Bitcoin games. is a brand that is highly popular in the iGaming B2b industry. It provides the best choice you can have for live gaming.

What exactly is

Betgames is a brand that lets the casino operators host live games. The brand provides live streaming of popular casino card games like poker, lucky seven, and baccarat. is one of the most popular Bitcoin casinos that use

This brand can also let you host dice and wheel of fortune. These games are highly popular in the iGaming industry, especially in Bitcoin casinos.

What Betgames basically does is that it provides the live stream games for the operators. The brand has its studio where it broadcasts Bitcoin live  casino games. Players can bet on these games in real time with a live dealer. The brand will not provide recorded videos to keep the players’ genuine interactive experience.

Real-time demos are also available on its website so you can check out its products. You will notice that it produces its broadcasts excellently. The grade of the videos is high quality, as well as the materials or tools being used. The whole system is very easy to use and understand for players as well as the operators.

Betgames products

The brand offers seven different betting games. Starting with Lucky 7, this game is basically like a lottery. Seven numbers will be drawn and the players will bet on the different possible outcomes. Even though there is only a single betting round, players can choose to bet on all outcomes. There are 42 yellow and black balls in this game (21 balls for each color). These balls are numbered from 1 to 42, with a total of 903. Same rules apply with Lucky 5. Except that the game draws five numbers instead of seven.

In the dice game, Bitcoin live dealers roll five dice and it depends on the bet whether this is a winning draw or not. Players can choose to bet for combinations, total sum (High and Low), odd or even, and numbers. With the wheel, players can choose to bet on numbers, color, and even or odd.

Poker and baccarat use the same rules as their traditional games. Betgames’ War on Bets, however, is something new and different. The player places a bet on the “Dealer” “Player” or “War”. Whoever gets the highest value of cards is the winner.