Top Features
  • Instant play feature
  • Quick download and loading times
  • Bingo network
  • Multi currency and multi language support
  • Mobile compatible software
  • Refer-a-Friend and affiliate tracking tools

Bitcoin casinos to play Digital Gaming Solutions games.

Digital Gaming Solutions

Digital Gaming Solutions is a fiat and Bitcoin casino software company that offers different games to operators. People can easily open the games from a computer or mobile device. The games are also rich in feature which makes them attractive to a lot of players.

Digital Gaming Solutions will make it easy for you to get players around the globe to come to online casinos. Its product can support different currencies, languages, and payment options. It also comes with a set of marketing tools to draw in players to the casinos.

Digital Gaming Solutions products

One of the things that you can get out of Digital Gaming Solutions is how the company’s games can run on a browser. Players do not need to download and install a game onto a computer. Instead, they can quickly get into the game and start making wagers immediately.

Speaking of quick, Digital Gaming Solutions offers light weight games that allow players to load the games in a short time. The company’s games do not contain any unnecessary amount of data that acts as a dead weight. Instead, players will get the full game that contains all the best features and without any added fillers.

Digital Gaming Solutions games are rich in feature. All of these games contain an in-game announcer. The announcers provide the same feel of having actual Bitcoin live dealers hosting the player’s games. It is important to note that the games are still easy to download on almost any internet connection despite the amount of feature it has.

It also allows bettors to play Bitcoin games on most smartphones and tablets. This software automatically checks if it will work well on a device. Players simply uses their own numbers to access the games.

Payment and marketing

Digital Gaming Solutions offers a complete casino game package for a flat fee. There are no additional or hidden fees that you have to worry about. When you get the package, you get everything that you need for the casino.

The company’s games work with almost every major currency and languages around the globe. It can also work with major e-wallet services. This makes the casino open to a lot of potential players.

You will also get a set of powerful marketing tools from the company. This includes SMS promotion system and an affiliate program tracker. These tools are sure to help bring in more players naturally.