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Alpha Centauri Slots

There are a lot of people who are curious about the outer space. What does it feel like to be there? Are the stars really beautiful? How about meteoroids? Unfortunately, not everyone gets a chance to go out there and experience it. That is why Digital Gaming Solutions created Alpha Centauri slots. This Bitcoin slot takes you to an outer space adventure. If you want to experience a quick trip to space, go to a Bitcoin casino and register.

Graphics and Sounds

Digital Gaming Solutions created a realistic game through its design. The game has the galaxy as its background. It will not take long enough until you realize that the galaxy is a peaceful place. You also have a chance to just stare at the beautiful and bright scenery.

As you click the Spin button, the reels will spin with incredible speed. But even if the symbols look simple compared to other games, it is still entertaining. Apart from the visuals, the music also matches the theme of Alpha Centauri slots. It adds to the vibes that you are indeed in outer space, exploring the hidden gems unknown to man.


The game has five reels and five ways to win. If you feel like the minimum bet of 0.5 is not enough, then you should use the maximum bet of 2.5 coins. Since Alpha Centauri slots game is a simple slot, you are stuck with the Spin button.

Once you hear that Alpha Centauri slots game is a galaxy-themed game, you will be excited to see the symbols. You will encounter the Sun, Earth, Rocket, Galaxy, Meteor, Astronaut, and Planet. But do not underestimate these simple looking symbols because each one has its own value that can add to your earnings and help you trigger the Bitcoin casino bonus.

Bonuses and Special Features

For every winning combination, you will see a rocket ship on the reels. You will notice that the symbols are divided into The Beginning, The Path, and The Target. But for you to win a bigger prize, you need to wait for the Moon and Satellite symbols. The Moon is your Wild that can replace any symbol on the reels while the Satellite is your Scatter.

An additional prize will be rewarded to you if two Asteroids and three Planets appear on a single pay line. This can trigger the Deep Impact bonus and you will receive more coins.

Why Play Alpha Centauri Slots

Alpha Centauri slots game was able to pull of its theme despite its simplicity. The game is full of exciting twist and turns. For you to experience this outer space adventure, you can go to Wager Web Casino, Tropical Cash Casino, and BetUS Casino. You can also find other games by Digital Gaming Solution there.