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Evolution Gaming Auto Roulette

Evolution Gaming Auto Roulette is a version of Roulette created by Evolution Gaming. You will not see a live dealer here, but what you can expect is a unique experience that defines efficiency. You will also experience convenience since you can play it anytime; anywhere. You can check this version out and see it will satisfy your gaming experience.

Graphics and Sounds

Since there are no live dealers in Evolution Gaming Auto Roulette, computers run this version. You could still hear a voice who seems to be a dealer and will give you instructions as to when to stop betting and so on. A slingshot launches the ball repeatedly during the entire course of the game. Compare to the normal, or even the online version of this Bitcoin casino game, this version is less luxurious.

However, since computer generates the game, you can play 60-80 games in one hour, which increases your winning fast. Though it does not involve socializing, it pays out quickly, making it a very profitable version of the classic wheel game.


Evolution Auto Gaming Roulette follows the general rules of the original version of this game. The goal is still the same, and that is to match your bet with the winning number or color. A wheel with cells that are painted with one of two colors, red or black, are embedded with number ranging from one to 36. A slingshot will throw the white ball towards the opposite direction of the spinning wheel. When the wheel stops, the ball will fall in one of the cells, and that cell is the winning cell.

Bonuses and Special Features

You can bet in Evolution Gaming Auto Roulette for as low as 0.20, which is low. Because this is a fast-paced version, you can win, as many times as possible within a shorter span of time, that is why players in this game are serious in winning big. It also meets the limits of low waging players since you can wage a very low bet in this version.

Why Play Evolution Gaming Auto Roulette

This Bitcoin casino game is very profitable since it has a very low house edge percentage, giving players high chances of payouts. It is also available on mobile phones, since it is compatible with Android and iOS. It is also available 24/7. With all these features, convenience is what Evolution Gaming Auto Roulette offers to casino players, and you can check it out when you visit online casinos, such as 1xBit, 123VegasWin Casino, and