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Evolution Gaming Baccarat

Evolution Baccarat is Evolution Gaming’s version of the popular table game. You can now experience this Bitcoin casino game anywhere through online casinos. Popular among the rich and famous, this game is also widely played by many Asian gamblers. Because of that, you can see this game in almost all, if not all, of the casinos in Macau. Through modernization though, you do not need to go to Macau to experience this game. Check this version out and see how you a modern version of this classic Bitcoin casino staple can make you a bigtime winner.

Graphics and Sounds

Elegance and sophistication are the words to describe Evolution Baccarat, since majority of its players belong to people in the upper class. However, this game content provider made sure that anyone could play it. The first thing that you will notice is the classiness of the studio where the games are taking place. You can even feel it when the dealers talk to you. You do not need to be intimidated, though, for they are very friendly and approachable. This version is also equipped with multi-camera display that adds a cinematic feel on every game you play here.


General rules of Bitcoin Baccarat apply in Evolution Baccarat. The goal is to match your bet with the winning hand: the player or the banker. A tie is also possible and there is an option to bet for a tie. It starts with putting your bet among the three options. After making the important decision, the dealer puts card under each hand.

The aim for both the player and the banker is to reach the maximum amount of nine. Whoever gets a natural score of either eight or nine, or even between six and seven wins the game. A third card may be drawn on the condition that the cards of both the player and the banker score five or less.

Bonuses and Special Features

Evolution Baccarat has a number of features that you will enjoy. It includes several variants of the game, like the Live Speed mode where the betting happens on a continuous mode. It also includes Squeeze Games, where the dealer would let you have a sneak peak on the cards of the hand with a greater number of wagers after quickly showing the cards of the hand with less wagers. It also lets you choose your road and allows you to add extra types of bets.

Why Play Evolution Gaming Baccarat

Evolution Baccarat boosts with amazing features you sure do not want to miss. Adding to these amazing features is the elegant setting of this game. You can try this game when you visit casinos like Bitstarz Casino, Princess Casino, and Tonybet Casino.