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Evolution Gaming Blackjack

Evolution Gaming Blackjack has always been popular among gamblers, and game content provider Evolution Gaming created a version that you can play in Bitcoin casinos. With this game now available online, you can play it within the comforts of your home. Check this out and see how this version can enhance your gaming experience.

Graphics and Sounds

The experience of playing Evolution Gaming Blackjack is unique, as it allows you have a feel of playing in a land-based casino anywhere. The dealers are friendly and they are experts in what they are doing. The games happen in a studio, and if you have not been in an actual casino, then this game will let you have a sneak peek of what it looks inside.


Evolution Gaming Blackjack follows the same Bitcoin Blackjack rules, where the goal is to beat the dealer with your cards. After putting your bet, the dealer gives you and other the other players two cards each. The dealer also gets two cards, with one of the cards facing down. The values of cards in this game are as follows: Ace is either one or 11, cards two to nine are valued according to pip value, and cards 10 and all face cards are valued at zero. The game starts with the player on the left side of the dealer. Each player and dealer will have to decide what move/s he or she wants to make.

Several moves in this table game include stand, hit and split. When you choose to stand, you get to keep the cards that you have. You get additional cards when you choose to hit. Split happens when each of your card’s value is 11. When this happens, you will have two hands and you will have to make decisions with those hands.

You win in this game when your card does not go over 21 and either the amount of the dealer’s cards is lower than your or if the dealer’s amount goes over 21. Because of this scenario, people also call this game 21.

Bonuses and Special Features

Aside from the aesthetics of Evolution Gaming Blackjack, it also has other features that you and other gamblers will love. First is the Bet Behind feature, which allows other players to bet behind the seven main players in one table while waiting for their turn to play. This increases the winnings of not only the players playing but also the players who are betting behind them.

This version also includes Perfect Pairs and 21+3 Side Bets, which adds excitement to the game. It also features a Party mode where two bubbly dealers interact with the players. With a party-like music and ambience, you will definitely love to party here. Pre-decision is another feature that lets other players decide on which move/s to make while waiting for their turn. This speeds up the game, making it very efficient.

Why Play Evolution Gaming Blackjack

These amazing features and an appealing setting will make your Evolution Gaming Blackjack experience a memorable one. Check this version out in casinos like Tonybet Casino, Trada Casino, and Vbet Casino.