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Evolution Gaming Casino Holdem

Evolution Gaming Casino Holdem is a live version of one of the most popular poker games launched by Evolution Gaming. The game itself has not been around for as long other Bitcoin casino games, like Bitcoin Roulette and Bitcoin Baccarat. Stephen Au-Yeung introduced the game in 2000 and has since been a staple in land casinos. Same with other table games, you can now play it in online casinos as well.

Graphics and Sounds

The studio where the games of Evolution Gaming Casino Holdem take place lets you have a real casino experience. You can expect dealers that are friendly and know what they are doing. This experience of playing the popular poker game gets even better with all the amazing features this version has.


General rules of Casino Holdem apply in Evolution Gaming Casino Holdem. The goal of this poker game is to play against the dealer, unlike the normal poker game where the players try to outscore each other. It starts with the players putting their ante bet. After you put your bet, you and the other players will each get two hole cards and three community cards. The dealer also gets two hole cards that are faced down.

After getting the cards, you and the other players will have to choose a move that you feel will help you increase your winnings. There are two moves in this version of poker: fold or call. When you fold your cards, you give up your cards and the ante wager. When you choose to call, you multiply the ante wager by 2x.  The dealer then draws three more cards and shows his or her two community cards.

The dealer has to get a pair of fours or better combinations in order to qualify. If the dealer does not qualify, the ante pays and the Call bet pushes. If the dealer qualifies and beats the player, both the ante and the call bets will be lost. If the dealer qualifies, but is beaten by the player, the ante wager will pay according to the table and the Call bet will pay 1:1. Both the ante wager and the Call bet will push if the player and the dealer tie the game.

Bonuses and Special Features

Evolution Gaming Casino Holdem offers an exciting version of this table game, as it has features that can attract you and other gamblers. The environment in this version is remarkable, as it offers standard and dedicated tables to players. Adding to this is the capacity to involve more players in one game. It also features a Direct Game Launch in any website to expand its market and drive bigger revenues. Since it is available 24/7, you play this version anytime of the day.

Why Play Evolution Gaming Casino Holdem

With all these features, Evolution Gaming Casino Holdem is sure to deliver a quality game to casino players. You can check this out in online casinos such as Jetbull Casino, Vbet Casino, and Trada Casino.