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Automatic Roulette

Ezugi is one of the leading makers of live dealer games. The company releases a new version of its roulette game with the Automatic Roulette. The game makes use of an auto spinner that still delivers the same quality gameplay as its live dealer roulette game.

Graphics and Sounds

The Automatic Roulette live stream is coming in clear and crisp. This allows you to see the movement of the ball and the number it picks. The excitement of an actual game of roulette comes from seeing the ball rolling just inches away from the number/numbers you put your bet on. Thanks to the quality of the stream, you can easily see the numbers on the spinning wheel and where the all is rolling.

Automatic roulette is also set to be mobile friendly. The chips and the betting numbers are set in a way that it does not block the live roulette wheel. You can also easily place your bets thanks to the layout of the table, chips, and function buttons.


Automatic Roulette uses the European betting table. Euro tables only have one 0 in its wheel and betting area. The layout of the betting chips and betting table is set in the same way as the roulette game from Ezugi.

Bonuses and Special Features

What makes Automatic Roulette a must play for any roulette fans is the addition of a racetrack betting table. The table offers an Orphelins, Tiers, and Voisin du zero bets. The three bets are unique to a Euro roulette table. These bets open new wager opportunities. This includes the ability to place a split bet on 5 and 8.

The live roulette tables also have other useful features. This includes the option to remove a bet through a tap or click of the undo button. If you are not happy with the bets you have down, you can clear the entire table with one button. Should you feel like the previous bet could get you lucky on the next spin, you can place the same wager with the Rebet button.

Why Play Automatic Roulette

The Auto Roulette game is practically the same thing as Ezugi’s live dealer roulette. The difference here is how the ball spinner is a machine instead of an actual dealer. The benefit this version is the availability of the game. Live dealers are available at a certain schedule. On the other hand, the auto roulette is available at all times. You can find this game at Ezugi Bitcoin casinos like Betchain Casino, Playamo Casino, and 1xBet Casino.