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Bet on Numbers

Ezugi offers a refreshing numbers wagering game with its Bet on Numbers. The game plays out like a lottery game where you predict which of the 49 numbers will win. What makes this game stand out are its unique wagers that you can make.

Graphics and Sounds

Bet on Numbers delivers on one important factor of a live game, video quality. It is important for players to see what is happening on the live dealer side as much as possible. Otherwise, this can break down the immersion of a player.

Thankfully, Ezugi knows how to do a proper live stream video. You can easily see the numbers that the machine picks in this game. This will make ensure that the results of every draw come in clear.


In Bet on Numbers, you have 36 different bets available for you. All bets are in three separate categories. These categories are for bets that number, color, or sums base.  All of the bets show the odds of winning as well as the payout rate.

Wagers for the numbers are straightforward. One wager is where you predict which one of the 49 numbers will be part of the six winning ones. Another number wager is to bet on whether the first number will be higher or lower than 15.

There are two different colors for the 49 balls. Some of these are red while the others are white. In Bet on Numbers, you can wager whether the red colored balls will outnumber the white colored ones or vice versa. You can also bet if the first ball will be red or white.

Bets on sums are where you predict on the total amount of the six chosen numbers. One example of these types of bet is where you determine if the total will be odd or even. You can also call if the total will be higher or lower than a specific number like 170.

Bonuses and Special Features

Bet on Numbers has a mobile friendly design. It is easy to tap on the different available bets. You can also set the betting amount based on the denomination on the screen.

Why Play Bet on Numbers

This Bitcoin casino live game is a great alternative to live keno or bingo. Unlike keno, there is an amazing amount of wagers that you can make with this game. You can find this game at Ezugi casinos like 4Grinz Casino, Bitstarz, and Oshi Casino.