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Live Blackjack

Live blackjack tables are just some of the high-quality games from Ezugi. Blackjack games are clearly a favorite among young and old players, so having live blackjack games online is a plus for casinos. Bitcoin casinos also offer these games, along with other live casino tables from Ezugi. If you’re looking for Bitcoin blackjack games with live dealers, make sure to check out those from this game provider.

Graphics and Sounds

The layout of the bets and menu makes Ezugi’s live dealer games more pleasing to play with. Having all of the important options such as the betting chips and round actions (hit, stand, and double) at the bottom or in a place that does not cover the dealer is a big deal.

In every live game, the dealer takes the center stage of the game since she will be in charge of the game. The dealer also provides a form of entertainment to players as she interacts with the players or talk to you as the game goes on. Ezugi’s live blackjack boasts smooth live video feeds and crisp sounds for complete Bitcoin live casino games betting pleasure.


Ezugi’s live blackjack still plays like a regular blackjack game. The goal is for you to get a score of 21 or close to it. The score comes from the value of the cards in your hands. During your turn, you have a choice of ‘hitting’ to gain an additional card or ‘stand’ to skip your turn.

There are also other additional actions that become available if you have the right cards. This includes ‘double’ that lets you double your bet and drawing just one card in your turn. Another is ‘split’ which lets you play two similar cards in your hand as two separate hands.

Bonuses and Special Features

The Ezugi live blackjack game offers two interesting side bets: Perfect Pair and 23+1. You can win the Perfect Pair bet if your cards are able to create three possible pair matches. Winning the 23+1 bet also requires you and the dealer to have a certain set of cards.

Moreover, you’ll appreciate the great features onboard like multiplayer/seat, live chat, fully customizable limits and chips, and game history options.

Why Play Live Blackjack

Ezugi’s live blackjack provides an authentic gaming experience. The game’s live streaming technology allows their games to deliver a smooth video stream to avoid ruining your immersion when playing the game. Blackjack enthusiasts will appreciate the two side bets available as well as the authentic blackjack results that they cannot get from a typical online card game. Oshi Casino is just one of the Bitcoin casinos that offer live blackjack games.