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Live Roulette

Ezugi is one of the leaders among live casino game providers and its live roulette tables prove why. What makes its live games different from others is in the real interactivity between the players and the dealers.

Because of sheer dedication to create exceptional live dealer games, Ezugi guarantees seamless live betting sessions with real-time video feeds.  This is just one reason many Bitcoin casinos choose to add Ezugi live casino tables to their game library.

Graphics and Sounds

All of Ezugi’s live games have a clean layout that lets you play the game while the dealer is still in the spotlight. This is also true with the live roulette game. You will not find any betting table here, except for the dealer and the roulette wheel. You will see the betting layout aptly positioned at the right side of the screen. This layout allows you to fully see the dealer and the roulette wheel during the game.

When it comes to video quality, the feed is crisp and does give the realistic atmosphere. The sounds are audible and help in giving you the feeling of playing in an actual casino.


Ezugi’s live roulette uses the same rules as any regular Bitcoin roulette games. Your goal is to bet on the winning number. The rolling ball on the spinning roulette wheel enters a pocket to pick a winning number.

The main focus of live roulette is the numerous bets that you can choose. Each one has different chances of winning and payout rate. Bets that have a very high risk of failing such as the straight bet will give you 35 times your bet. Low-risk ones or outside bets will give you a small payout.

Bonuses and Special Features

Ezugi’s live roulette uses the European roulette wheel, which uses only one 0 and 36 numbers. Other betting options are the French roulette exotic wagers. This includes the Voisins du Zero, Orphelins, and Tiers. These three bets in the live roulette game indicate which part of the wheel the ball will go to.

What’s special with this game from Ezugi is the fact that the software comes with several useful features. You will have access to live chat, live support chat, and live music on demand. You can also play multiple games or tables at the same time, or fix the video and audio controls to fit your preference. There are other customizable features here, along with dealer tipping and side betting.

Why Play Live Roulette

The live roulette game From Ezugi has its entertainment value for certain players. Bitcoin live dealers can increase your enjoyment of roulette as you watch her talk throughout the game as well as interact with you. The addition of the French roulette bets and the authentic results of a real roulette wheel make this a must-play for any enthusiasts of the game. You can easily find Ezugi live roulette games in select casinos like BetStreak and Princess-Casino.