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Pirate Island Slots

Avast Ye! Win 50,000 Coins in Pirate Island Slot

As the saying goes, “You can always appreciate earned treasure if you worked hard to find it.” This explains why there are plenty of pirates who never give up until they find their treasure. To test your patience, iSoftbet challenges you to try its very own Pirate Island slot. This pirate-themed video slot offers no bonuses and no special features, but can reward you 50,000 coins. Now, spin those reels and win your heart’s desire as you check if this slot is worthy to be on your favorite list.

Graphics and Sounds

Compared to other modern online slots game, Pirate Island slot looks simpler just like the slots that you can find in land-based casinos. The symbols look plain, along with the design of the reels. But even if it lacks appeal, the software developers did make it work with the theme through the realistic background music. Once you start this game, you will feel as if you are on board a ship with desperate pirates.

The elements of the Bitcoin slot are also all pirate-themed and give off a feeling that you are looking for a treasure that costs 50,000 coins. If this is your first time to play an online slot, the game just made your life easier by placing all the symbols and their respective coin equivalent on the reels. This will help you understand your earnings after a winning combination. This is because the creators of this game wanted to give you a game that is simple and beginner-friendly.


If you are ready to find the treasure, prepare your coins for your bet. You can bet up to 25 coins as you play along. Do not worry if you get tired of searching because you can always use the Auto Spin feature while you rest. As you play, you will see a Hand Hook, Parrot, Canon, Treasure Map, Galleon, Pirate Flag, and Chest of Gold. These symbols will help you get the treasure. Also, this 5×5 slot might be simple and plain, but you will eventually get hooked to it without your noticing it.

Bonuses and Special Features

Another unique quality of this slot is that it does not have Wild and Scatter symbols. You purely depend on the symbols available and hope for the best to get a winning combination. It also does not offer any bonuses or special features. This just shows that in order to receive the jackpot of 50,000 coins, you have to keep clicking the Spin button. Do not be disheartened because a true pirate never gives up!

Why Play Pirate Island Slot

It will not be surprising to hear many players expressing their dislike over this game. After all, it lacks the exciting features that not only make your betting experience more fun, but it also limits your chances of winning more prizes. Regardless, its different features do not mean you cannot enjoy spinning the reels. Besides, the game is not complicated and it is easy to play.

Add to your list of reasons you should play this the fact that there are casinos with Bitcoin that offer this game. Loki Casino, Megawins Casino, and Netbet Casino are just some of the sites you can check out to play this simple slot. If you are looking for a basic yet fun slot game, this is for you.