Top Features
  • HTML5 and Flash formatted games
  • Branded slot games
  • Mobile friendly games
  • High production valued 2D and 3D artwork
  • Gameplay enhancements
  • Games with creative themes

Bitcoin casinos to play NextGen Gaming games.

NextGen Gaming

NextGen Gaming is one of the oldest and longest running online casino software developers. The experience the team manages to gain throughout the years allows them to create new casino games. It also became one of the several companies to be one of the Bitcoin casino software developers today.

History of NextGen Gaming

Ever since 1999, the NextGen Gaming team keeps on making quality casino games. Long-time players might not be aware they are playing their games at online casinos. This is due to the business practice of NextGen Gaming where it focuses on making unbranded games for different companies. It is why its branded games are less than other long-time software developers.

The NextGen Gaming team is consistent in producing the best fiat and Bitcoin slots in the B2B space. The team is also constantly finding ways to innovate the development of the games and is looking for possible innovations that can benefit the gambling industry.

Balancing the new and proven aspects of games

Making a game is actually easy once a person has the know-how and tools to build one from scratch. Creating a game that can attract a large group of players is a different issue, though. Many software developers often struggle with finding the fine line between innovation and tradition.

A traditional game is one that uses all of the mechanics that made other successful games. Making a traditional game can attract people who are looking to play something they are familiar with. Games with new mechanics can draw in players who want something fresh to their games. If a software developer cannot find the balance between traditional and new, they might not get a good amount of people to play their games.

It is why this Bitcoin casino software developer maintains the balance between tradition and innovation. It wants to create a fresh experience with its games while maintaining a familiar setting. Finding the right balance helps the team make a game that can bring in a large number of players. Today, it has several games that have great graphics and gameplay. What’s better is these games are in most online casinos.

Quality B2B service

NextGen Gaming’s team is known for its B2B gaming partnership. The reason the team can create quality B2B games is in how they work with their partners. The team works closely with the clients to find the right theme and math models for the games they want to make.

With the company’s experience, casinos and players can expect more great games soon. Bitcoin casinos will also feature more games from NextGen Gaming. Players will surely enjoy Bitcoin games from this company.