Top Features
  • HTML5 formatted games
  • Onetouch aesthetic for mobile playing
  • Baccarat offers many sidebets
  • Retina ready visuals for Ios devices
  • Provably fair feature
  • Right and left handed friendly design

Bitcoin casinos to play OneTouch games.


OneTouch sets itself apart from other game makers by having its game use a single touch aesthetic. This means that you can easily place a bet, set the bet amount, or go through the menus of the game with one finger or with your thumb.

Apart from the single touch ergonomic, OneTouch games provide many amazing features. This includes a solid provably fair system. These features are what make OneTouch a top Bitcoin casino software maker choice by brands such as

Single touch ergonomic

OneTouch is aiming at making its games easy to play for any smart phone or tablet users with the single touch feature. Imagine having to stand while waiting in line or while riding on a bus with filled up sits. You can only use one hand to control your phone since the other hand is busy for holding your bag or keeping your balance.

In this situation, many online gambling games are difficult or nearly impossible to play while on-the-go. These games often require more than one hand to play. For example, a Bitcoin roulette game may require you to hold the phone in order to set how much you want to bet for a single round. This is due to how the buttons or menus of the game are in an awkward position on the screen.

On the other hand, OneTouch games set itself apart by setting all buttons and menu in a place that is within reachable distance to your thumb while holding your phone. The company’s Bitcoin baccarat game is a good example of the aesthetic of the game. The bets and menus are at the center of the screen. This makes it easy for your thumbs to just glide towards the ‘players’, ‘banker’, or any of the side bets. Your hands are free all the time as you play any of the company’s games.

Game features

OneTouch games offer a series of incredible features. This includes a provably fair feature that makes the results of the game transparent to any players. An operator can gain the trust of his players by using the feature to show everyone that the results are truly random. You will also have two level of your game history for added transparency.

Every OneTouch makes full use of your device’s graphic hardware. The graphics support high-end resolutions such as 4K and will work well on full screen. The games also support landscape or portrait mode to give you more option on how to hold your mobile device.