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Art of the Heist Slots

Art of the Heist slots game from Playson has you slinking around a museum filled with valuable pieces of art. Blocking your way to those precious arts are security guards and an angry mummy. But even better is that what is waiting for you at the end of the museum is a handful of free spins with stacking Wild symbols.

Graphics and Sounds

Art of the Heist slots game makes use of cartoon-like 3D animations. There are short animated cut scenes throughout the game. This includes the intro and parts of the mini-game. The small animation makes triggering some of the modes or events in the game feel more rewarding.


Art of the Heist slots game has a 5×3 grid and uses 21 pay lines. All symbols are matched starting from the left to the right side of the reels. The highest-paying symbols in this Bitcoin slot are the Crown, Wild Chest, and Mona Lisa Painting symbols which can give 300 coins by matching five of these symbols. The bust of the Venus de Milo is the second highest-valued symbol which gives 200 coins for matching five of this symbol.

The unique gameplay feature of Art of the Heist slots is its Robbers Pathway. This turns the entire reel into a board game where Vincenzo the thief is the game piece. To move Vincenzo, you need to have the Alarm Panel symbol land on the square or cell where he is hiding. The Alarm Panel will move the thief a random number of cells. If the thief happens to move into a Mummy symbol, he moves a random number of steps back. If Vincenzo moves to a Security Guard symbol, he will not move when an Alarm Panel symbol lands on him for three spins.

Bonuses and Special Features

The bonus mode of Art of the Heist slots is determined by the Robbers Pathway feature. If a Mona Lisa Painting symbol lands on him, you trigger the Bonus mini-game. Your goal is to find the switch that will turn off the alarm systems in order to steal the painting. You have a set number of keys that allows you to open a room. The room might contain pieces of art which will grant you a money prize or extra keys. Some of the rooms might have a security guard who will take your key. Getting the painting can give you a payout of 20 times your bet.

If Vincenzo can get to the last cell, you trigger the Free Spins mode of the Bitcoin casino game. You initially get 10 free spins. You can get more Bitcoin free spins by having Wild Chest symbols land on Vincenzo with the Robbers Pathway feature. The stacked Wild symbols only appear during Free Spins mode.

Why Play Art of the Heist slots

The Robbers Pathway of this game makes for an exciting way of triggering the bonus features of the slot. This slots bonus game is essentially a lucky pick game. However, seeing what the rooms contain via short cut-scenes makes this feature fun to play.  You can catch this slot in most Bitcoin casinos but do make sure that they offer games from Playson.