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Has player-dealer interactions

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Pornhub Live Blackjack

Pornhub Casino is bringing in a whole new experience of Bitcoin live dealer games with its own live blackjack. Pornhub Live Blackjack offers the same familiar Bitcoin casino card game. The difference here is the sexy live dealers who will fulfill your wildest fantasy.

Graphics and Sounds

Pornhub Live Blackjack is streaming in HD resolution and in a widescreen format. This makes it easier for you to see the cards. HD graphics will also give you a full view of the beautiful croupier as she deals the cards and shows you some well-deserved cheesecake when you get a big win.

The UI of the game is another big plus in the visual department since everything is set in a minimalistic way. Betting buttons and the player’s balance is placed at a discreet location on the screen. This removes any clutter on the screen to provide a clear view of the dealer as well as the other table.


Pornhub Live Blackjack uses the classic rules of Bitcoin blackjack. Your goal is to get a card value that is close to 21 than the banker. You lose the round if your card value is 22 or more. All players and the banker receive two cards. During your turn, you can choose to ‘stand’ to end the turn with the total value of your two cards. You can also ‘hit’ to draw another card to increase your card value.

If you get an ace and any of the royal suite card (jacks, queens, and kings) or 10s card, you automatically win the round with a blackjack hand. A blackjack hand will also pay 3 to 2. If a dealer’s face up card is an ace card, you can choose to wager on an insurance side bet. You win this bet if the dealer’s card is a royal suite card or 10s card where she gets a blackjack hand. Insurance bets pay 2 to 1.

Bonuses and Special Features

Pornhub Live Blackjack has a live chat feature. Live chat is your way to interact with the beautiful croupier. She will chat with active players throughout the game.

Why Play Pornhub Live blackjack

The live stream of Pornhub Live Blackjack is the main attraction of the game. Live games are where an actual dealer will deal the cards to the players. Pornhub’s live games add the immersion of adult lives web cams to this type of game. Instead of just sending digital money for an actress to start the show, you simply win your bet or get a blackjack for the dealers to give you your fantasy prize. Try the game out at 1xBit.