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  • Game aggregator platform
  • Branded slot games
  • Bingo network
  • Live dealer games
  • Table games and video poker library
  • Multiplayer games

Bitcoin casinos to play Quickfire games.


Many casino players will likely recognize Microgaming as one of the popular Bitcoin casino software. It has been making different online casino games ever since the 90s. One other thing it made in 2010 was a gaming platform called Quickfire. This was its way of getting Microgaming games played by numerous players.

Brief look at Quickfire history

Microgaming is one of the first online casino software developers. It has been making different games ever since 1994. With the modern technology, the company developed Quickfire in 2010. This platform makes it easy for Microgaming’s games to work on browsers and mobile electronics. This is why many online casinos now offer games from Quickfire.

Benefits of the platform to players

A good way to see what the platform offers is to think of a video slot machine inside a casino. Imagine someone in this casino wants to try out different kinds of games. In order to do this, he has to walk around the casino floor to try all of them out. This could be exhausting and could take a lot of time. When they play its slots, they could just switch out the different games in the machine. These let them play games without having to leave the spot.

The platform lets you launch different Microgaming’s game easily than other casino games. You can play their games instantly on your computer, phone, or tablet. All of its progressive jackpot games are connected, thanks to the platform. This makes it easier for the pot amount to increase each day.

How Quickfire makes it easier for operators

Quickfire games let casino owners integrate Microgaming’s games on their site with fewer problems. Before, it had to use a different method from the provider in order to include the games to the site’s library. Because of this, operators had to set the system for each of the software provider’s games. The new platform removes this kind of hassle for operators.

Operators can now access over 400 Microgaming titles through the platform. Every month, they get a new game for their players. Quickfire games are made to accept different kinds of currencies like Bitcoin and are available in various languages. Operators still have full control of the games in the platform to ensure they are able to maintain their brand.

Quickfire makes it easier on many casinos to include Microgaming’s popular games in their library. This way, more players can enjoy Bitcoin slots and other games. Players will have fun with the games. Operators will love fast integration of games. This is why many like to offer Quickfire games, and the list includes SoftSwiss and CoinGaming.