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12 Constellations Slots

12 Constellation Slot: Galactic Gameplay and Stellar Prizes

Watching the constellations at night has always been an entertainment and a source of joy to stargazers, just like how casinos have always been a source of surprises to players. But would it not be better if you can now play your favorite stars in a Bitcoin casino? Through 12 Constellations slot, you will not only see different galaxies, but will also have a chance to bring home thousands of coins.

This game will offer you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be closer to your shining celestial bodies. All you have to do is open your computer, sit back, and start spinning the reels. You will not miss this for the world, right?

Graphics and Sounds

12 Constellations slot is inspired by the zodiacal constellations. The game is Greek-themed to justify that these constellations are originally from the Greek Mythology. This myth has 12 signs that intersect every time the sun rises. These heavenly bodies are heroes and special animals that did great deeds. With this powerful concept, even those who are not a fan of mythology will appreciate this game.

Furthermore, the concept is evident in the game’s design, theme color, texts, and music.  The symbols are enchanting and interesting as well. Listen intently to the magical music and you will be torn whether you are in Greece or in space.


The main attraction of this game is its symbols. Celestial bodies such as, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Vigro, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pieces are used as symbols. These symbols appear on the five reels of the game. You can either press the Spin button to watch the reels spin or toggle on the Auto Play feature.

In addition to those, you have more chances of getting a win because this game has 30 pay lines. The slot also allows lets you make a max bet of 5 coins. Compared with other Bitcoin slots, this game can lessen your loss and reward you with more prizes. You just have to trust these constellations to guide you.

Bonuses and Special Features

To earn more coins, the Wild and Scatter symbols should appear more on the reels. The Wild symbol can substitute for all symbols except for the Bonus, Scatter, and Jackpot icons; while the Scatter symbol rewards you with free spins.

Likewise, a unique feature that this game has is while other slots only have Wilds and Scatters, 12 Constellations slot also has Jackpot and Bonus symbols. A jackpot is possible if there are three or more Jackpot symbols on one pay line. You can either win a Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand Jackpot. The max prize is 17,000 coins and the minimum prize is 1.84 coins.

Why Play 12 Constellations Slot

Other than its unique theme, the Bitcoin slot is astonishing and entertaining. The animations each symbol makes whenever there is a winning combination can add excitement while playing. The Jackpot and Bonus icons also give you more chances of hitting the grand prize. Try beating the odds now with the help of the zodiacs. Play this game on 12Macau Casino.