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Vivo Gaming Craps

Vivo Gaming Craps is a live version of this classic casino table game. While this game is a popular in land casinos, Vivo Gaming created this live version so that you can play this fun game with visiting an actual Bitcoin casino. Give this game a roll and see how the live version of this game can be exciting and convenient at the same time.

Graphics and Sounds

The games of Vivo Gaming Craps happen in several locations around the world. The studios, where the games happen are equipped with excellent facilities that will make your gaming experience memorable. You can play this version of Craps anytime of the day, because it is available 24/7. You can also expect dealers that know their craft well, for they are all experts coming from different land-based casinos. The game facilitators are friendly as well and you can chat with them, as well as with other players.


The rules in Vivo Gaming Craps are the same with the general guidelines of Craps. You place your bet on the table and the shooter rolls the dice. There are two games in Craps: the Come-out and the Point. In Come-out game, the winning numbers are 7 and 11, and the crap numbers are two, three and 12. When neither of these numbers shows up on your dice, you get to play the Point game. In this game the number you get from Come-out game should appear on your dice before number seven. You win when this scenario happens; otherwise, you lose when seven comes out first before your number.

There are several bets in Craps, but the most common are Pass and Don’t Pass. When you place your bet on Pass before the Come-out game, you need either the number 7 or 11 to appear on your dice to win. When you place your bet on Don’t Pass, getting one of the crap numbers will reward you with a win.

Bonuses and Special Features

Vivo Gaming Craps provides you with amazing features that will keep you on rolling the dice here. Being one of the first online versions of this table game, you can be sure that the quality of the games is high. Not only is this version fully operation 24/7, but you can also play it in your mobile phone, as it is compatible with iOS and Android phones. It offers multiple table games where you can play in other tables, and multi-player interface where it gives you an idea of how other players play the game.

Why Play Vivo Gaming Craps

Although there are other bets to choose from in Bitcoin craps, the house edge is low, making Craps a profitable game for gamblers. Backed with amazing features and its overall convenience, Vivo Gaming Craps is worth checking out when you visit casinos like, Trada Casino, and Tonybet Casino.