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Vivo Gaming Roulette

Vivo Gaming Roulette is the Live Roulette version of Vivo Gaming. Roulette is a classic casino game found in almost every casino on the planet, and is a popular one since the rules in this game are simple.

You can check this game out and see how online casinos operate this classic game.

Graphics and Sounds

You can participate in Vivo Gaming Roulette, as it is available 24/7. The games happen in several locations around the world. You can also use your mobile phones to play this table game because it is compatible with iOS and Android phones. You know you are in a safe place when you play this version of Live Roulette, as it features expert dealers who know a great deal about Roulette. They are also bilingual, making it easy for you to communicate with them.


A classic Bitcoin Roulette has several versions, but American and European are the most popular types of Roulette. As with other versions of this game, Vivo Gaming Roulette follows the same playing guidelines. You can expect a wheel divided into cells painted with one of two colors: red or black. Since this version is European, you will see numbers ranging from one to 36.

You have different places where you can put your bet. You can put your bet on either a single or a range of numbers or you can choose between black and red. You can also choose between odd or even and low (one to 18) or high numbers (19 to 36). After placing your bet, the dealer will spin the wheel with a white ball going around the opposite direction of the spinning wheel. The ball will eventually fall off a painted cell with a number in it. You win in this game when your bet matches the cell where the ball dropped.

Bonuses and Special Features

Vivo Gaming Roulette features a hot/cold number indicator, where it shows you the winning percentage of each number. You can also view the game’s history, which is always convenient to see what has occurred in that game. You can also chat with representatives to ensure if you have any questions or if you encounter any problems while playing the game.

Why Play Vivo Gaming Roulette

Vivo Gaming Roulette is a fun, fresh version of this beloved Bitcoin casino game. You can experience it anywhere since it is available on mobile phones. Since this version also includes the hot/cold number indicator, you will have an idea on what number or what color to bet on your next spin. On top of that is the safe environment it offers to players. Check this game out in online casinos such as Rollthebit Casino, Spinson Casino, and LaRomere Casino.