Top Features
  • Live dealer games
  • Mobile friendly software
  • Seamless wallet feature
  • Live poker games
  • Asian live dealer games
  • Attractive and professional dealers

Bitcoin casinos to play xPro Gaming games.

xPro Gaming

xPro Gaming offers an attractive set of live dealer Bitcoin casino software to your website. All of the live games have a host that knows how to give players an exciting experience.

Apart from live dealer games, xPro Gaming is also offering a groundbreaking live poker room. The live poker room is different from a live poker game or tournament that you might be familiar with. This poker room is the near equivalent of playing at an actual poker table.

 xPro live dealer games

One of the things that make the company’s live dealer solution appealing is its dealers. All of them are attractive on the inside and out. The dealers know how to connect with any of the players. Doing this makes bettors feel like they are part of the experience. It is as if a player is just standing in front of the actual table and not just sitting in his home.

The team behind xPro Gaming understand that players want choices when it comes to casino games. This is why you can expect a good variety of game titles from the company. You can have the three classic staples of any Bitcoin live casino games. These are blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.

The ones that will make online casinos stand out are games like the Baccarat Super 6. The game uses the same rules as regular baccarat. What makes this unique is the Super 6 side bet that gives a new layer of excitement to the classic casino game.

xPro Gaming also offers the classic Bitcoin poker games. You can get the regular Texas Hold’em version or the multiplayer version. The company also offers Caribbean poker, which uses the basic five-card stud poker rule.

Another interesting game is the Asian Sic Bo. The game has the players bet on what numbers are going to appear on the three dices. There are many possible bets that a player can make in this game. Dragon Tiger is also another Asian game. This card game plays out like a simple version of baccarat.

xPro live poker room

xPro Gaming poker rooms play differently from the live dealer poker games. The poker room will have players compete against each other. The live dealer will host the match throughout the game. The live poker room from xPro Gaming brings a new level of skill gaming experience since this type of game is only done on a digital version.  The entertainment that a live host can bring to a match of poker is sure to get players to keep coming back for more.