Bitcoin Casinos, Bettors Found Refuge in Online Forum

Aug 02, 2014


The Bitcoin forum popularly known as Bitcointalk is more than just a venue where enthusiasts and adopters of the digital currency can learn about the general details that revolve around it. Being a platform that caters to everything about Bitcoin, this forum also plays a huge role in maintaining and fostering a healthy and dynamic environment for the Bitcoin gambling industry.

Having a child board or subforum dedicated to gambling using bitcoins positively affects the various Bitcoin casino brands that have long been established in the business and those that have recently indulged in the lucrative and promising sector in the Bitcoin market.

It functions as another means for brand owners to effectively promote their casinos; thanks to the opportunity provided by the forum to reach thousands of Bitcoin players, including their potential customers.

BitcoinTalk ForumProducts, services, and offerings can be announced in Bitcointalk threads, which are easily accessed, viewed, and replied to by any person registered in the online forum. In fact, some threads, especially those that were started a long time ago, have been viewed more than one million times.

However, the ruling that requires only one main thread per brand was implemented in 2011 in an effort to minimize the spamming of some brands that take advantage of the website as a hotspot for marketing stints. Although this seemed to limit such capabilities of the brands, this move still turned out to be in favor of the Bitcoin casinos, new and old, or even mobile Bitcoin casinos.

With only one dedicated thread, the customers of each brand will have an easier time looking for their favored betting websites and join in on the conversation to share their feedback, whether positive or negative. This also presents the brands the chance to showcase their ability to cater for the needs and concerns of every player.

As a matter of fact, going over each of the brand’s main threads reveals which Bitcoin casino is proactive in providing a transparent and reliable relationship with its customers.

Despite the limit, however, casino brands are permitted to post new threads in another subforum as long as the topic is newsworthy, an announcement of new promotions and services, or a launching of a new Bitcoin casino.

Bitcointalk may be known as a general venue for everything about Bitcoin, but this online forum has proven to be a refuge for Bitcoin casino brands and avid players alike.