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Bitcoin gambling has found its niche in the iGaming market and it continues to grow by the minute. More casino operators integrate Bitcoin into their payment system, and more players choose to play in online Bitcoin gambling sites instead. With the rise of crypto gambling, it’s only a matter of time when most online casinos will be transformed to crypto gambling sites. We’ve prepared below everything you need to know about Bitcoin gambling and more.

Bitcoin Gambling

If you want to use your cryptocurrency to play online slots and poker or to bet on sporting events, you can do so at a variety of crypto gambling sites.

We’ll give you a breakdown of five credible cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin and the best places to use them for online gambling. You’ll learn about the advantages of crypto gambling and how it differs from traditional gambling.

Advantages of Bitcoin Gambling

Just as with traditional gambling, there are several things to consider when it comes to Bitcoin gambling. There will be risks that don’t just involve the bets you make. However, there is a significant amount of advantages with crypto gambling that are notoriously unfound in traditional casinos. Bitcoin gambling is:

  • Decentralized – Many crypto casinos are built on blockchain, and therefore enjoys the benefits of decentralized gambling. This means that there isn’t a middleman or third-party involved in the flow. This enables for a more secure and faster processing of payments, for example.
  • Fast transactions – If you’ll compare traditional methods like credit cards and bank transfers to blockchain transfers, you’ll never want to go back to using fiat money. Using Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals allows for fast transaction speeds. In fact, expect most withdrawals to be processed and completed within one hour or even less.
  • Secure – Given that players aren’t required to provide personal information, there’s less probability that your personal and even banking details will be stolen from a Bitcoin casino. This is true when you use your crypto wallet to fund your account, or even when you place your bets directly from your wallet. At the same time, all transactions are recorded on the blockchain, which means there’s less chances of the casino cheating its players.
  • Low in transaction fees – When you withdraw funds via bank transfer, expect to pay a significant withdrawal fee. But when you use Bitcoin, you may only need to pay an infinitesimally small blockchain fee. This fee is so small that it won’t significantly affect your withdrawal amount.
  • Very profitable with the right strategies – With crypto gambling, say goodbye to high house edges. When you play Bitcoin dice, for example, the house will get only 1%. Some crypto games have an even lower house edge. There are even those that have zero house edge!

Ethereum Gambling

Ethereum was launched in 2015 and is mainly used for online payments made from peer-to-peer. It’s blockchain-based with decentralized computing, which makes it very secure. Ethereum processing is famously faster than Bitcoin when it comes to transactions, which gives it a slight advantage as a cryptocurrency. It’s an excellent choice for crypto gambling.

Cardano Gambling

Inspired by Ada Lovelace (the first computer programmer), Cardano (ADA) is one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the world. The creator, Charles Hoskinson, also worked on Ethereum. Updates to the Cardano blockchain are continually reviewed by leading researchers and scientists in the field of technology. More and more casinos are accepting Cardano, which gives rise to Cardano gambling.

EOS Gambling

EOS has a decentralized operating system, which essentially means it can be used for industrial-size decentralized gambling applications—impressive! Transactions made on the EOS blockchain don’t require any fees, and millions of them can be made by the second (TPS). A consensus algorithm, called the Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS), makes the blockchain secure. Generally, you’ll need a browser add-on (like Scatter) in order to use EOS-supported online games.

Tether Gambling

Tether was launched in 2014 and is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies used in online casinos today. If you’re concerned about reliability and price fluctuation, then Tether is the cryptocurrency for you. It’s probably the best alternative to Bitcoin, as its value is tied to the US dollar. It’s a great choice for crypto gambling sites if you want to exchange your coin winnings for real money. There are plenty of gambling sites that offer Tether casino games, as well as sporting bets.

Dogecoin Gambling

Created by Billy Markus, Dogecoin is similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin in that you can exchange your acquired crypto coins for goods and services. You can install a Dogecoin wallet on your computer or phone, which will allow you to send and receive Dogecoin to and from others. Most crypto gambling sites accept Dogecoin.

Online Bitcoin Gambling Sites

When it comes to online Bitcoin gambling sites, it’s essential to always make sure the website is secure and reputable. Some established sites worth mentioning are StakeBitStarz, and FortuneJack. These are all well known for their reliability and support of Bitcoin.

Crypto Gambling Sites

If you’re looking for gambling sites that support any of the other cryptocurrencies mentioned above, we can recommend some great ones. Crypto gambling is already more secure than traditional gambling, but it’s still important to use trustworthy, well-known websites to avoid scams. Other than the three we’ve previously mentioned, we recommend mBit888Starz, and 7Bit. These are all licensed online casinos that give quality crypto gambling experience.

Crash Game Gambling

Crash gambling is a straightforward and crypto-supported online game and is one of the more popular Bitcoin games. The primary element consists of a multiplying line that you make a bet on—the line increases and increases, and your winnings along with it, until it ‘crashes.’

This is where the term ‘crash game gambling’ comes from. You’re allowed to cash out at any time during this process. If you don’t and the line crashes, you lose your bet and have to wait for the next round. It’s an exciting, fast-paced game for crypto gamblers.

Bitcoin Gambling Crash

Crash gambling is fairly recent, which means you aren’t guaranteed to find it on every online casino site. However, there are still places where you can try your luck at Bitcoin gambling crash. You can try it on Stake Casino, too!

Crypto Gambling vs Traditional Gambling

Some people are wary of cryptocurrency in general, let alone using it for online bets and casino games. But with its increasing popularity and research-based development, Bitcoin gambling could be more secure and even more financially beneficial than traditional gambling.

Online Bitcoin gambling sites are generally more transparent with gamblers, which ensures a betting environment that’s clear when it comes to odds and free of scams.

With their anonymity, crypto casinos are a lot safer for gamblers who are concerned about protecting their identity. There’s no need to provide confidential information for crypto casinos. Transaction fees are either non-existent or notably low, making for more an enjoyable and stress-free gambling and betting experience.

Additionally, with the increasing demand and growth of Bitcoin, the value naturally increases. Winnings can increase in value as Bitcoin prices increase, and the currency can be withdrawn and deposited from anywhere in the world.

Bitcoin gambling may not offer the atmosphere of a traditional casino or gambling site, but the advantages around safety and profit more than makeup for it.

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