Bitcoin exchange, bitcoin wallet, and bitcoin merchant tools – all these three feature in one amazing bitcoin site, Coinbase. It was established in June 2012 and still continues to capture the spotlight in terms of bitcoin wallet and services. And as what their tagline says, in this bitcoin site, “Bitcoin (is) made easy.” Read this Bitcoin guide to learn more.


What is Coinbase?

In affirmation with their banner, getting started in Coinbase is so easy and simple. There are just four steps are to be followed. First is to create an account by providing two things: email address and password. Second is to click the link that will be sent to your email to finally sign in and verify your account. Third is to read their User Agreement, and if perfectly agree, just click Accept and Continue. And last but not the least is to sit back as your account is absolutely done.

Since you already have your account, next task for you is to add bitcoins to it, and the easiest way of course is to buy. All you need to do is click the buy/sell bitcoin button. Enter the amount you want to buy; you will see the price in the opposite side just that it varies as it depends on the exchange rate. After that, link your U.S. bank account to your Coinbase account. The transaction usually lasts for 3-4 days. Hence, it will take several days for you to see your bitcoins in your account. If you sell, it will take also few days to see USD in your bank account.

To receive bitcoins, all you need to do is go to the transaction page and click the “Request Money” button. After that, you have to provide few things, the wallet address or email you want to receive bitcoins to, the amount to like to receive, and a note. Then, you are ready to go. You can proceed to your favorite Bitcoin casino and play mobile Bitcoin casino games with your newly acquired bitcoins.

On the other hand, to send bitcoins to someone, you just have to click the “Send Money” beside the latter. Enter the wallet or email address you want to send your bitcoins to, the amount you wish to send, and your note. Lastly, click Send Money and in one blink of an eye, transaction is done.

Coinbase offers flexibility

Coinbase also runs great deals that will surely captivate your interests. First, they offer mobile wallets. You can browse their website on your mobile device or install their native app in your android gadget. Second, they provide a user-friendly service. Since not all bitcoin users are technical users, they avoided requesting users to deal with complicated and too technical jargons. Third, they provide a very low transaction fee for every transfer of dollars to bitcoins and vice versa: only 1%. In terms of receiving and sending bitcoins, all are free. Fourth, as you see, selling and buying bitcoins in this site is plain and simple. And last but not the least, they offered security and backup to assure you that your bitcoins are safe.

Truly, Coinbase is one of the most astounding bitcoin sites you can find in the cyber world. Name what you want, they surely have it.

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