Infographic Campaign 2014

Best Bitcoin Casino Infographic Campaign

Best Bitcoin Casino is launching an infographic campaign for the month of September, and we want you to be a part of it – the mechanics are very simple, and Bitcoin casino brands can get a free infographic from us and a chance to be featured on our Best Bitcoin Casino news!


  1. Prior to the launch, participating brands must submit us their unique cashback code, which we will placed on the dedicated Best Bitcoin Casino review page. In case you don’t have a Best Bitcoin Casino review yet, let us know prior to the launch date, 10th of September.
  2. On the launch date, participating brands should post our forum cashback terms on their forum threads which we will provide and send us the link once the terms are live. Promoting the campaign on their social circles is also encouraged.
  3. Players should now take the cashback code from the review page, and they should post it along with their usernames or registered email addresses to the participating brands’ forum threads.
  4. The players should now sign up or login to their account on the brands’ sites and deposit any amount with a guarantee of 0.1 BTC worth of cashback.
  5. After experiencing the games, the players should now post a comment of the games on our BBC review pages for the participating brands.
  6. The first 10 players with unique comments on our Best Bitcoin Casino review pages qualify up to 0.1 BTC cash back to be granted by the participating brand.
  7. Note that players should have posted their username and cashback code from Best Bitcoin Casino on the brand’s forum thread as well as publish a unique comment on our Best Bitcoin Casino review page before they can ask for the 0.1 BTC cash back from the brands.  The first 10 players to comply will be awarded by the brands the 0.1 BTC cash back. Players should post their usernames or registered email addresses and cashback codes in respective threads and their comments in respective Best Bitcoin Casino brand reviews to be qualified.
  8. Once these first 10 players have been awarded their cash back, the brand should notify us, and after passing our quality control, the brand will qualify for a free infographic. However, this offer is valid only for the first 15 brands that can collect 10 comments on their games on our BBC review pages. Results will be counted within a week after the launch. The 15 leading casinos will be announced on Best Bitcoin Casino a week after the launch date.
  9. Should a brand qualify for this campaign, they will get a free specially-made infographic, and a chance to be included on the Best Bitcoin Casino news!