Top Features
  • Casino suite solution
  • VIP club and rewards plan program
  • Affiliate marketing program
  • Jackpot prize solutions
  • Tournament events
  • Mobile device compatibility

Bitcoin casinos using Arrow’s Edge platform.

Arrow’s Edge

Bitcoin Arrow’s Edge is a provider of interactive gaming solutions established just in 2014. Young as it is, the company has enough technology to provide you the Bitcoin platform suite you need to give your brand a boost. The team behind the suite makes sure that your casino will have the tools and services that can give your players the best possible experience.

Apart from the suite, Bitcoin Arrow’s Edge has other products that will make it easier on you and your staff to run the casino. This includes a tool that allows you to quickly see and stop anyone from cheating.

Bitcoin Arrow’s Edge suite

The team behind Bitcoin Arrow’s Edge platform focuses more on a good foundation of a casino instead of just the look and feel of the website. This foundation will give your players a very good reason to keep coming back and spend more money on your games. One such part of the suite is the VIP Club and Rewards Plan system.

The VIP Club system rewards a player by giving him a certain amount of points for every bet he makes. Collecting enough points allows him to go up a rank in the VIP Club system. Each rank will give him bonuses and other rewards.

The Rewards Plan system is what almost every online casino Bitcoin site uses to encourage players to deposit money. The system will give your player a bonus amount that he can use on your games. Bitcoin Arrow’s Edge Rewards system lets you give a more personalized reward. You can give your player’s sweepstakes tickets or even actual physical rewards.

The most important part of Bitcoin Arrow’s Edge suite is its games. Many of the titles that your players will find in your casino use many of the latest innovations in gambling software.  These include Bitcoin slots with interesting features and graphics. There are also classic casino games that will satisfy other players. The games that are likely to bring in the crowds are the jackpot games that have a massive prize amount.

Online casino solutions

The team behind the company will also help you in marketing your brand. You can get the help of the company’s team in making a marketing or promotional campaign that fits your brand. All of these promotions are tailor made to ensure that you get the most out of the service.

You can also expect other helpful services from the company. One of which is a fraud prevention tool. Your casino will quickly see, report, and stop any suspicious activity in your casino.

The perks and features mentioned above are probably the reasons why casinos like Gossip Slots and Drake Casino have their confidence in the company’s products.