Top Features
  • White label solution
  • Gaming platform
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • Live casino solution
  • Sportsbook solution
  • 3D poker software

Bitcoin casinos using Blue Ocean Gaming platform.

Blue Ocean Gaming

Operators can get ahead in the competition with the services offered by the Malta-based Bitcoin Blue Ocean Gaming. Its Bitcoin platform gives you full control over your casino with its admin tools.

Following its establishment in 2010, the company now offers its Bitcoin Blue Ocean Gaming casino white label solution. This product provides you with a fully built casino that only needs your branding.

Blue Ocean platform

The Bitcoin Blue Ocean Gaming platform allows you to make your casino into anyway that fits your goal. This is thanks to the Frontend feature of the platform. There are different customization options as well as a high end CMS that makes it easy for you to mold your website. The CMS lets you change the content of the site as well as the entire theme of your casino.

The Bitcoin Blue Ocean Gaming platform is very open to other company’s games. You can add these through an API protocol. This feature ensures that you can attract almost any players with a specific game in the future.

You and your staff are in control of every part of the Bitcoin Blue Ocean Gaming platform. These parts consist of player sign ups, payment options, and Bitcoin casino bonus offers to give away.  You can also keep a close eye on how your staff manages the casino as well as the activity of your players. All of these tools make it easy for you to ensure that your brand is giving players the best possible experience.

Your players will have more than 500 reasons to visit your Bitcoin Blue Ocean Gaming platform powered casino. Blue Ocean’s suite offers more than 500 iGaming software from the leading companies in the industry. It even has a collection of live dealer games which lets you provide a different gambling experience to your players.

Blue Ocean white label

Building a gambling site from scratch will let any operator shape every part of the casino into the way he wants it to. However, this often takes a large amount of time and money to finish. For a new operator, there is always a risk that he might botch one or two steps in making the site which could lead to problems in the future.

This is why Blue Ocean is offering a white label solution to you. This product will give you a fully functional casino that has the Bitcoin games, management tools, and everything else you need for a gambling site. You can start your iGaming business with this solution in just a short amount of time.

Some of the casinos running on the company’s platform are Lucky Star Casino and