Top Features
  • VR Casino solution
  • Augmented Reality casino solution
  • CASEXE configurator
  • White labe solution
  • Games integration service
  • Payment systems integration

Bitcoin casinos using CASEXE platform.


Bitcoin CASEXE is a Bitcoin platform provider that has been in business since 2013. Despite being a young company, it is able to earn a good reputation amongst its peers and clients. This is thanks to the previous outstanding casino platform and gaming solutions that the company has under its belt.

Picking Bitcoin CASEXE for your own Bitcoin casino is a good choice. The company makes sure that the casino and its games work well with the digital currency.

Casino platform

Bitcoin CASEXE is offering a solid platform that works with the Bitcoin currency. You can take in the digital currency as well as allow a player to cash out his bankroll onto a Bitcoin wallet. Your players can also spin the reels or place bets with the digital coin as well thanks to Bitcoin CASEXE.

The Bitcoin CASEXE team sees a very large potential with the use of the digital currency in the gambling industry. Already, players and operators benefit from receiving and paying with Bitcoin. Both you and your players do have to worry about the usual fees that come with credit card or e-wallet payment services. You also receive your player’s payment within the day as well.

Bitcoin CASEXE platform offers an array of social features that will help you market your brand naturally. Your players can invite friends and other people through social games. A player can even transfer some or all of his bankroll to another player.  These features can help encourage your players to bring in more people to sign up to your casino.

The best part of the platform is its configurator. With this, you can easily add in the layout, design, Bitcoin games library, and payment method of your casino. The configurator will have your casino up and running in a short amount of time.

After sale services

When you get the platform from the company, the team makes sure that you will have everything you need to run a successful casino. You can avail of the company’s marketing consultation that will help you boost your brand and bring in many people to your casino.

If you are looking to expand your market in an area that requires a license, the company’s expert can help you in obtaining one for your brand. These experts can provide you with everything you need to know to get a license. This license can open the doors to various markets across the globe.

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