Top Features
  • 24 hour delivery
  • More than 30 languages supported
  • Zero monthly or royalty fees
  • Bitcoin payment integration
  • Software and RNG certified
  • Flexible price range of platform

Bitcoin casinos using CasinoWebScripts platform.


Bitcoin CasinoWebScripts started its venture in the industry in 2003 from its head office in Bucharest, Romania. Its continuous growth has given birth to products that you need to get ahead of your competitors.

The company’s Bitcoin platform is customizable and can handle a lot of players. Plus, you have two Bitcoin CasinoWebScripts product options to choose from. Though different in some ways, both these two will make it easier for you to get a product that fits your budget.

CasinoWebScripts platform

The Bitcoin CasinoWebScripts software will let you change different parts of your website. This includes the large amount a player can bet on the games. You can even set the payout percentage of the games to help you give your players a satisfying experience.

You can set the payment option on your Bitcoin CasinoWebScripts casino when you launch it. This includes the use of Bitcoin on the website. You can always add more payment options or add new currency support in the future.

You’re Bitcoin CasinoWebScripts powered casino is a powerhouse when it comes to a lot of casino players. It can handle more than 5000 Bitcoin games running every second. With the software, your casino can have more than a million active players in a month.

Your players are sure to enjoy the full library of games that the company has to offer. All of these are in HTML5 format. This allows your players to open the games on a desktop computer at home or on a smartphone while on-the-go.

You are the total command of everything that is happening on your Bitcoin CasinoWebScripts casino. You will get an admin panel that will give you the full run down of more than 150 parts of your casino. This will give you every detail of your casino’s activity to help you efficiently manage it.

You can expect a solid security feature on your casino with the software. It lets you stop people from certain countries to open your casino or use a bonus offer. The Bitcoin casino software protects your casino from different hacking attacks. It will also let you prevent certain risk factors on the website.

Full and lite version

CasinoWebScripts ensures that the software can fit your budget by offering a lite and full version of it. The Lite version will not have some of the features that the full platform has. This includes the ability to stop create a full Excel reports on your casino and a VIP point reward program. Regardless of which version you choose from, both can help you make a powerful brand.

Some of the brands that operate on the company’s platform are Casino Del Mundo and Dreamland Casino.