Top Features
  • Sportsbook solution
  • Racebook solution
  • Fraud Control and player tracking tools
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • Supports different currency and languages
  • SMS promotion and reporting tool

Bitcoin casinos using Digital Gaming Solutions platform.

Digital Gaming Solutions

Focused on making the lead in the online gambling industry, the Costa Rica-based Bitcoin Digital Gaming Solutions continues to provide everything you need for a top online casino. Apart from having a convenient flat fee, the company also brings in a  Bitcoin platform which offers a rich collection of casino games.

The DGS platforms are mostly about its sportsbook section. However, Bitcoin Digital Gaming Solutions casino is a strong part of what the company can give you.

Platform pricing and features

Bitcoin Digital Gaming Solutions has a flat fee instead of a profit-sharing payment structure. For the company, there are some flaws with the profit-sharing structure. It is hard to know how much an operator can get in the following months with this. An operator might also limit himself to the types of players that can come into his casino.

By having a flat-fee structure, you can complete almost all fees that come with a casino platform. You will no longer worry about other additional fees that could come your way in the future. Instead, you are free to focus on other important things for your gambling sites like how you can bring in more players.

Bringing in many players will not be a problem. The platform supports different languages, currencies, and most major payment options. This allows you to attract anyone from various countries.

Bitcoin Digital Gaming Solutions products

Bitcoin Digital Gaming Solutions offers different casino games other than slots. It also offers many card games like Bitcoin blackjack and poker. You can also find different kinds of these card games that use new rules. One such example is the blackjack game of pontoon where a blackjack will give players a 2:1 payout instead of a low 3:2 payout. You can also see different kinds of Bitcoin video poker in the casino.

You will also enjoy the bingo rooms that come with the Bitcoin Digital Gaming Solutions platform. The bingo room runs on a steady network that can handle a large group of players. You can enjoy regular bingo tournaments online.

The best part of the Bitcoin Digital Gaming Solutions games is how easy any of the players can open it. Anyone can play the games in the browser without having to have the program installed and running on a computer. This is thanks to the game’s Flash format which allows for an instant play option. As long as you are using a browser that can handle Flash, you can play any of the company’s games on different operating systems.

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