Top Features
  • Fast turnkey solution
  • Fate channel
  • Low costs
  • Server-less operation
  • High levels of transparency

Bitcoin casinos using Funfair platform.


Funfair offers a different kind of Bitcoin platform that uses Ether instead of the popular digital currency. This allows the makers to use smart contracts with its games.

Smart contracts allow Funfair to create a better platform than what you normally see in other online casinos. You can give better payouts and have low costs in running your casino with the platform.

Better random numbers

The back bone of any Bitcoin casino is the random number maker of any game. This will choose whether the dice will roll a six or if the player will draw an ace card. Many casinos use a pseudo random number generator. The problem with this system is its slow number creator. Some examples of this are games that use the blockchain to create its result. Apart from being slow, the system could run you about $1 to $5 for every play before a player puts up his bet.

Funfair answers this problem with its Fate Channels which is a different kind of provably fair system. Fate Channel will allow your players to check on the revealed numbers. At the same time, it will still create numbers that are virtually impossible to predict.

Another important factor of the Fate Channel is its independent from miners. Blockchain games will need help from miners to crunch the numbers of its games which often result in a long wait time. The Fate Channel system from Funfair can quickly create results for the games without using too many resources to provide a quick game result.

New slot features from FunFair

Thanks to the use of Funfair’s blockchain, new features are now possible with slot games. One of which is the Multi-Spin. When your players normally spin the reels of any slot game, he does so one spin at a time per game. With the Multi-Spin feature, he can spin the reels more than one at a time. This allows your players to enjoy a faster game than before since this isn’t available in the current Bitcoin slot games.

Fair software

Players mostly rely on the provably fair feature to make sure that a game is fair in creating its results. Thanks to Funfair’s system, everyone can see the inner workings of the software. This is due to the use of the Ether’s smart contract system. Anyone can audit software to see if it is working as intended. The level of transparency you can get from using the platform will ensure that you quickly gain the trust of your players.

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