Top Features
  • Turnkey business solutions
  • Financial transparency
  • White label solution
  • Payment system integration
  • Third party software integration
  • Legal support

Bitcoin casinos using InBet Games platform.

InBet Games

From its head office in Moscow, Bitcoin InBet Games has been helping many operators since its inception in 2002. You can rely on the company’s expertise when it comes to building your brand with its games and Bitcoin platform.

The Bitcoin InBet Games popular products are lotto and gaming kiosks. The company also has a series of solid online gaming software that many casinos have in its library.

Gambling games

The Bitcoin InBet Games products are sure to bring in players to your casino. The team who makes the Bitcoin games is people that have been in the gambling industry for a long time. Everyone has the know-how to make the kind of games that people want to bet with actual money.

Quality is what you can expect out of any Bitcoin InBet Games product. Each game has its own graphics and sound effects. Each of it also offers a different gameplay to make it interesting to your players.

You have complete control on each of the Bitcoin InBet Games product. This includes the rate returns of each of the game. By being able to set how much a game can give back to a player, you can build a good reputation amongst your casino visitors.

Every Bitcoin InBet Games solutions are easy to install and setup on your online Bitcoin casino. You will get help from the support staff of the company when you need it for any of the games. You also can expect legal help from the team as well. The support staff is available all day.

Casino and white label solution

InBet Games is also offering a casino platform that will be a solid foundation to your brand. The platform has the company’s casino games such as its slots library. You can use different payment options with the platform such as credit cards or e-wallet. The customizability of the platform allows you to add other company’s games or software. These features can help you build a robust casino from scratch.

On the other hand, crafting an online gambling site takes a considerable amount of time and money. There are also risks in building an online casino for people who have little experience with the iGaming scene. In this case, InBet Games offers a White Label solution where you can get a nearly completed online casino that is running under your flag. You only need to add in your brand to the fully furnished gambling site to make it your own. This solution will let you launch your iGaming business in just a short amount of time. And to let you experience the aforementioned features, suit yourself at the popular 1xbit.