Top Features
  • Dedicated Bitcoin wallet for online gambling
  • Anonymous play
  • Free Bitcoin faucet
  • Access to gambling site with low house edge
  • Bitcoin investment option
  • Gambling site contains provably fair feature

Bitcoin casinos using Moneypot platform.


Imagine yourself holding an account in different casinos just so you can play your favorite games that actually run on different Bitcoin platforms . When you deposit your digital coins to these casinos, you need to visit each of them just to manage your money across many gaming sites. Manually checking all of them can be tedious and hard.

This is when the Bitcoin Moneypot platform comes in. As team of dedicated experts, Moneypot aims to make the company an online one-stop crypto spot. And although its base is just in Canada, its target is the whole global Bitcoin gaming market.

The digital gambling wallet provided by the company makes it easier for you to see all of your digital coins in various apps. Moneypot has many features to help you secure your bitcoins as well as other investment opportunities while enjoying games like Bitcoin roulette, blackjack, and more.

Easy Bitcoin casino deposits

With Bitcoin Moneypot, the only time you need to create an account and place a deposit is through the site itself. Once you have an account, just choose which casino app you want to play in. This will give you the option of enabling the app to your account. Once enabled, you can simply deposit a portion of the Bitcoin in your Moneypot account and visit the casino. The casino will use the Moneypot account info to let you play their Bitcoin games quickly.

Balance management

The Bitcoin Moneypot wallet can display what your total coin amount is and where you have placed them. In the balance screen, you can see the total amount within your wallet. It is also here where you can see how much of it is deposited in different accounts.

The bitcoins you have in your Moneypot account can be freely withdrawn at any time to a different address. There is a small fee to pay when you take out your Bitcoin from your account. However, transferring your digital coins to a Moneypot address is free.

Investment opportunity

One unique way to make money with Bitcoin Moneypot is to try the site’s investment option. It is important to know how this option is not an equity investment. Instead, it is a bankroll investment where you place your own stake with the rest of the stakes placed by other people.

With the stakes in place, gamblers bet against it by playing the different casino apps. Should they win their bet, the total bankroll goes down. When they lose their bets, though, the bankroll goes up as well as the money you have invested in. The risks of having your investment go down are there. However, this option lets you gamble your bitcoins while you’re busy or not visiting any casino apps.

Bitcoin Moneypot is a great solution to managing your funds across different casinos.

Popular brands like,, and are examples of  casinos that run on MoneyPot platform.