Top Features
  • White label solution
  • Trading tool
  • eSportsbook feature
  • Major e-wallet companies support
  • Bitcoin payment support
  • Licensed

Bitcoin casinos using Ultraplay platform.


Online casinos and eSports are the newest trends in gambling. eSports is a huge trend for anyone in the industry. It gives the players enough thrill and excitement. Powering up your online casinos and betting sites is the first step in entering the online gambling market. Choosing those brands with Bitcoin platform is a good first step. Most players today find it more practical to use bitcoins for online payments. Bitcoin UltraPlay is one of the most popular choices in gaming platforms.

The brand is now one of the top names when it comes to software and platforms, though it was just founded in 2010. Its headquarters is in Bulgaria but it provides innovative betting solutions to the popular Bitcoin casinos in the world today.

Why Bitcoin is the market’s top choice

Some may ask “why bitcoins exactly?” The number one reason this is the top choice for everyone in the market is safety. Using Bitcoin protects everyone’s privacy. It also helps with safe payment processing. These qualities highly benefit both players and operators.

Bitcoin UltraPlay service is one of the safest platforms in Bitcoin online casinos. Players look for online casinos where they can both have fun and feel safe. Online casinos involve tons and tons of money. The first thing anyone would look for is how reliable the brand is when it comes to payments.

Choosing Ultraplay

One of the reasons top brands choose Bitcoin UltraPlay is because of its modern technology. Bitcoin UltraPlay is noticeably advanced. Bitcoin UltraPlay supports the popular gaming site This sportsbook and casino is known for competitive odds and wide eSports platform. This only shows that UltraPlay is a popular name for new age technology.

The brand also gives a wide range of the market. Opening different languages to cover all the known continents in the world. This gives the casino a boost to reach its market worldwide. The wider range of market, the higher the chances of becoming a top-rated casino.

UltraPlay is not limited to Bitcoin payments. It also offers smooth processes for other modes of payment. This gives convenience to all of the players. Payments are one of the main issues in online casinos. Problems like slow process and incompatibility issue are common. By having Bitcoin in their service, Bitcoin UltraPlay is raising the bar of the competition.

Along with the whole package, the brand also creates Bitcoin games for online casinos. Their creations aren’t limited to online casino games. They also cover eSports, which is highly popular today.

The whole package of the brand is 100% user-friendly. This works for both players and operators using the service.

Here are some online casinos that trust this platform:, VitalBet, Ball2Win, GoBetGo, Skedina, and VulkanBet.