Bitcoin Triumphs After Site Ban Lifted in Russia

May 18, 2015
Bitcoin in Russia

Bitcoin in Russia

Russia’s Bitcoin community has finally emerged as the victor after a long political strife against Russian lawmakers in a battle for Bitcoin’s legality in the country.

After months of court trials and hearings, authorities have now lifted the forbidden accessibility of Russians to Bitcoin-related websites. Russian Bitcoin representatives during the trial and the whole community feel that all their efforts were worth the struggle after the court’s decision was made into realization.

Ivan Tikhonov, founder and one of the Bitcoin trial’s frontliners, expressed appreciation and delight that their battle ended in their favor. According to an online interview, Tikhonov called the court’s decision “a victory for the Bitcoin community, our mutual victory.”


He also elaborated that their Bitcoin campaign has achieved two important events that will greatly aid the upcoming Bitcoin adoption in his region:

“We achieved two very important things: the unblocking of informational sites and the reversal of the decision that information on cryptocurrencies is banned in Russia. I am pleased that the court approached this matter responsibly reviewing all arguments and ultimately ruling in our favor.”

Russia can now grasp more information about Bitcoin

Bitcoin supporters battled against Russian authorities for the legal dissemination of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency information in the country. The friction between both parties started last January when the Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications or Roskomnadzor blocked the access to at least five Bitcoin websites. This led to court trials that are backed by Russian Bitcoin representatives like and

Subsequently, Russian users won the battle after successfully winning two court engagements, declaring that the blocking of Bitcoin-related websites is unlawful. The winning verdict then resulted in the returned accessibility of cryptocurrency-related websites to the public.

Moreover, the victory not only resulted in the retained access of Russian-based Bitcoin sites, but it also covered the international Bitcoin websites as well. This feat heightens the inevitable rise of Bitcoin in the whole country.

Russians are again granted the access to websites like,,, and

Russia shows great support to the Bitcoin gaming and casino industry

Following the recent triumph of Bitcoin in Russia, the region deemed to show great support toward cryptocurrencies alongside its gambling industry.

Even during the heat of Bitcoin’s legal battle, Bitcoin minority groups have organized Bitcoin-related events to further prove their willingness to integrate and learn more about the cryptocurrency innovation for the welfare of their society.

Bitcoin Gambling in Russia

After the successful Bitcoin Conference Russia and Bitcoin Conference Prague events, Bitcoin players in Russia are now welcome to attend the anticipated Russian Gaming Week (RGW) that will take place on June 3 and 4.

RGW will cater to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related concerns, particularly in the Bitcoin casino department. Now that Bitcoin information is now publicly accessible, Bitcoin gamblers can know more about different tips and tricks in the casino industry without the thoughts of restriction.

Moreover, the uplifting of the Bitcoin ban deemed to show tremendous impact on the Bitcoin gambling community in Russia. Bettors are eliminated of the tight, limited access to Bitcoin and are now able to fully enjoy the perks of Bitcoin games and websites like AdmiralCoin, a Russian-supporting Bitcoin gambling venue.

Moving forward, the victory of Russia’s Bitcoin community promises a great future to the whole Bitcoin ecosystem. Russians can now further develop and integrate cryptocurrency into their business and everyday transactions with the granted public access to Bitcoin information.