Block777—Epitome of the New Gen of BTC Games

Jun 09, 2015
Block777 Betting Game

Block777 Betting Game

Among the wide selection of classic and new Bitcoin casino games today, Block777 serves as a concrete example of the Bitcoin casino market’s new generation of games. This Bitcoin betting venue provides a revolutionary lottery-like game that is entirely new to the patrons’ senses.

Despite being launched in 2014, Block777 has effectively developed features from customary Bitcoin lottery games to come up with its very own niche in BTC betting where luck is the name of the game.

Likewise, compared to the classic Bitcoin lottery, this site does not bet on numbers. Stepping up from the traditional game structure, this Bitcoin website casts its bets on Bitcoin mining pools on Discus Fish, Ant Pool, BitFury, and, which are well-renowned in the cryptocurrency mining sector.

This betting scheme is perhaps an obscure method in the industry today, but this is the trait that makes Block777 a distinct figure in the wide roster of Bitcoin games.

Groundbreaking Bitcoin betting structure

Block777’s platform serves as a venue for BTC mining pool competitions. Players are given a duration of time where they must choose their preferred mining pool and place their bets. As such, players are also given the option to bet on all mining pools present to secure a greater chance of earning big.

This betting site also features a robot named ‘Bob9.’ This system bot initiates the starting bet on almost every game to provide players with an idea of the required minimum bet amount, which normally starts at 0.0001 BTC.

However, players must be reminded that since Bob9 was only recently integrated and is on its ‘training’ stage, there may be occurrences where it might come up with the wrong bet information. Nonetheless, Bob9 is certain to provide players with extra support, especially to those who are new to betting on its games.

On another note, the Block777 betting game uses the ‘pari-mutuel betting’ style. This betting system operates in such a way that all bets placed on a particular selection are grouped together in a pool, and the payoff odds are calculated by distributing the total earnings equally among all winning bets.


Transparency and player convenience

In addition, Block777 displays great transparency when it comes to game results. Since the game provides real-time bet sequences, the provably fair feature seen in most casinos—even in a free Bitcoin casino—are technically of no use.

In lieu of employing provable fairness, this Bitcoin betting website provides its players with a public log of every bet results that are recorded in real-time. This game log is also accessible to anyone at any time, thereby giving bettors the freedom to review every outcome of the games they are involved with.

Subsequently, this website is an advocate of anonymity in the Bitcoin gambling landscape. Hence, it does not require players to register to enjoy their lucrative Bitcoin opportunities. Players only need to provide their BTC wallet address, which will be the recipient of all their winnings.

Moreover, Block777 shares the nearly every feature mentioned with its sister websites: WhoMined, which delivers all information about the blocks present in the blockchain, and BettingBlocks, which exactly has the same game premise and flow, only that is has a faster game pace and players can bet on every seven blocks.

Regardless, despite being new in the Bitcoin gambling niche, Block777 has effectively pushed its way through the pedestal of acknowledgement. Displaying never before seen characteristics and features, this Bitcoin betting platform is positioned to garner more prestige in the coming years.