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Casino Referral Bonus 101: Earn Bitcoins by Inviting Your Friends

These days, casinos are always coming up with unique ways to bring in more players. This is why you will find different types of bonuses encouraging you to play in Bitcoin casinos. No matter which online casino you go to, you will find welcome gifts, reload bonuses, free spins, and more.

One of the common deals you will also find in an online casino is the referral bonus. Similar to the referral programs you find every time you join an organization, this deal gives you income based on what the casino earns from your referrals. This gives you a steady income, as long as your referred players are active. Sounds interesting? Read on to know more about this casino bonus.

3 Easy Steps to Activate a Referral Bonus

Like welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses, details of the referral bonuses are in the Bonuses section of an online casino. It is important you read the terms before you claim the deal. But generally, activating a referral bonus has the same steps:

1 | Use the Referral Link

To activate the bonus, head to your account or contact customer support. After that, you will receive a referral link, which serves as a tracker of your referrals. For every player who clicks the link and signs up, their account will automatically be linked to your referral account. That way, the casino knows you should get a portion of the income it is getting from that certain player.

2 | Meet the Bonus Requirements

Just because you are earning from your referrals does not mean you do not have to meet bonus terms. Some casinos will require you to meet wagering requirements after crediting the income to your account. Alternatively, other online casinos will require that your referrals meet these requirements. Make sure you clear these terms so that you can cash out your winnings.

3 | Check up on Your Referrals

To keep earning from your referrals, they must be active in the casino. Once they stop playing, your income stream stops as well. Make sure to check the activity of your referrals in the Referrals section of your casino account. If you see lack of activity, do not be afraid to get in touch with your referral and see why he is not playing regularly. And if he decides to close his account, ask him his concerns. That way, you will know how you can promote the casino to your next potential referral.

Using a casino referral bonus is straightforward. As long as your referrals keep playing, you will earn money. Just make sure you help maintain your referrals’ casino activity so that you will not lose earnings.

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Referral Bonus vs. Affiliate Program: Their Differences

You might encounter the words “affiliate program” on the casino’s site menu. In hindsight, it sounds similar to a referral bonus. After all, this program lets you earn by bringing in casino members. But in reality, referral bonuses and affiliate programs have their differences. These are:


One difference between referral bonuses and affiliate programs is your eligibility for these deals. To be an affiliate, you do not necessarily have to be a casino member. As long as you own a website and you pass the program’s requirements, you can start promoting the casino. But just because you are an affiliate does not mean you can claim the casino’s referral bonus. To qualify for this deal, you must create an account with the casino.

Ways of Earning

Both programs will pay you based on the income the casino makes from your referrals. The difference is that affiliate programs offer you more ways to earn. If you do not want to earn based on the revenue from your referrals, you can choose to earn based on the number of clicks in your referral link. Or you can ask the casino if you can earn from both methods. Meanwhile, you only have one way of earning from the referral bonus.

Income Stream

Your income from referral bonuses comes more regularly than in affiliate programs. In affiliate programs, your earnings will come once or twice a month. Plus, other programs state that the income from your referrals should reach a certain amount before you can cash out the amount.

Both referral bonuses and affiliate programs definitely have their pros and cons. But if you do not want to make much effort in promoting the casino, then the referral bonus will suffice. Once your friends create an account, simply sit back and wait for your hard-earned money.

Compared with cashing out welcome bonuses, and reload bonuses, getting your winnings from referral bonuses takes more effort. This is because you are convincing your friends and other players into creating an account with the casino. Still, your hard work will be worth it if you get a lot of gamers to sign up.

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