BTCLevels: Still a Name to Trust in Bitcoin Binary Options Market

Oct 03, 2014


Bitcoin binary options trading may not be as popular as gambling online in a Bitcoin casino, but it has evidently grown to become a concrete alternative for individuals who yearn to increase their profits without entering the fiat-dominated financial trading arena.

The growth of this market has seen the development of the key players in Bitcoin binary options, and one of the most notable brands in this field is BTCLevels.

While some online brokers only included Bitcoin in their asset index, BTCLevels designed its platform to run exclusively on the digital currency. This enables investors to trade Bitcoin currency pairs using bitcoins, and later on, earn profits also in the form of the cryptocurrency.

One year has just passed since it first started operating in the market, and this Bitcoin binary broker has already proven that its trading services have the qualities and functionalities that are able to provide top-quality Bitcoin binary options, not just for novice bitcoiners but also for professional traders.

BTCLevels PlatformThis became more apparent after its relaunching in June of this year.

This move marked its dedication to becoming an integral part of the Bitcoin binary options market. Its exchange rate graph underwent an overhaul, the user interface improved, and the limits on the size of the options that can be opened already removed.

BTCLevels has also highlighted the ability of Bitcoin to promote anonymity while trading, similar to the idea of betting on Bitcoin games without providing personal credentials. Investors, however, still have the option to register for an account if they prefer to experience a much better trading experience and functionality.

Additionally, the fear of inaccurate market prices and other details have been eliminated with the new platform because all its Bitcoin prices and listings are directly sourced from HitBTC in real time, only to reaffirm its credibility and security. Add to this the fact that this Bitcoin binary options broker also offers a flexible set of options, which enable traders to pick their preferred expiry times and open positions without any size limit.

These are the reasons BTCLevels continue to become a popular and trusted brand in the Bitcoin binary options market that even Bitcoin casino enthusiasts are becoming interested in indulging in this financial instrument.

BTCLevels, which was established in September 2013, allows profiting from high-rate and low-rate Bitcoin fluctuations, specifically through currency pairs like BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, LTC/USD, and LTC/EUR.