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Lightning speed, a high degree of decentralization, and a low carbon print make Cardano a stand-out among cryptocurrencies. If you prefer this payment method, simply select one of our top Cardano gambling sites and try it out!

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What is Cardano?

best cardano casino

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform: The first to be founded on peer-reviewed research and developed through evidence-based methods. The currency and its sub-unit were named after ADA Lovelace, thought to be the first programmer. It combines pioneering technologies to provide unparalleled security and sustainability to decentralized applications.

With a leading team of engineers, Cardano aims to redistribute power from unaccountable structures to the margins – individuals – by promoting positive change and progress. In other words, Cardano is an open-source, decentralized blockchain platform best used for small contracts, creating decentralized protocols and applications, as well as sending and receiving funds with minimal transaction fees. Cardano uses a cryptocurrency called ADA.

The main difference between ADA and Bitcoins, for example, is that Bitcoin is a proof-of-work currency (used for buying and selling mostly), and ADA is a proof-of-stake unit used mainly for small contracts. The two differ in the mining process as well, but they all share one common thing – they are limited in numbers, making sure to keep their value over long periods of time. All these qualities made Cardano well suited for gambling sites, and Cardano online casinos came to life soon after.

Why you should invest in Cardano over other cryptocurrencies?

It boils down to great opportunities, low risk, and a green footprint. If we say that Cardano is more eco-friendly than Bitcoin and that the “proof of stake” concept is better for the environment than Bitcoin’s proof of work, you might still not be persuaded. However, Cardano surpassed the one-million wallets mark a long time ago, and less than a month after the launch, the ADACash rewards token had over 10,000 holders all over the world.

This is why the leading experts in this field predict that ADA-USD will catch up with Bitcoin and other A-listers in the close future, and it’s not only because Cardano is more energy efficient. ADA is super-attractive for investors thanks to fantastic possibilities in smart contracts and DeFi transactions, in addition to being a smaller risk operation when compared to buying Bitcoins.

Getting Started With Cardano Casinos

So, how to choose between the many Cardano casinos readily available? This greatly depends on the Cardano gambling site in question. True or pure crypto casinos do not let you play with any fiat currency, and you must deposit Cardano or any other crypto before you start playing exciting games. On the other hand, hybrid online casinos let you deposit fiat currencies which you can immediately exchange for Cardano or any other supported crypto, and then you’re ready for gambling.

Due to the fact that Cardano is not as popular as Bitcoin and Ethereum, finding a hybrid casino that supports Cardano can be tricky. We advise you to start your search with pure casinos first because they are your best shot at playing casino games with Cardano/ADA. Online casinos may let you place stakes depending on the rules and terms and conditions. ADA Casinos, on the other hand, let you place bets indexed in Lovelace units with one Lovelace valued as the one-millionth part of ADA.

cardano wallet

Create a wallet that supports Cardano

Before you enter a Cardano/ADA casino, you need a crypto wallet that accepts Cardano tokens, yes – almost all wallets accept Cardano tokens, and some of them can be used as a crypto exchange website. Choosing a wallet like this renders the following step redundant. Now, as for the creation of a wallet, the whole process is a bit more complicated than creating your everyday user account.

First, you have to enter your email, a password, and some sort of personal information. Most importantly, you have to pass the KYC procedure, during which you have to scan your ID, or driver’s license, take a selfie photo with a randomly generated code, and in some cases, a copy of your latest utility bill should do the trick. Once finished, write down your password and keep it in a safe physical place.

Do not keep your password in a digital form, avoid the temptation to save it on your computer or a phone. The best would be to memorize it and burn the paper it was written on, but if you have to save it please use physical form and do not carry it with you.

buy cardano

Buy Cardano from a crypto exchange site

You can skip this step if you picked a wallet that doubles as a crypto exchange. With many of them doing so, this should be straightforward. If not, your next course of action is to find a crypto exchange website where you can buy some Cardano/ADA tokens and send them directly to your freshly created wallet.

When buying cryptos you can rely on credit cards or a few select e-wallets. Once the purchase is over, scan the provided QR code and the funds should transfer to your wallet. If no QR code is available, you have to manually type in your wallet address as well as other crucial information.

choose online casino

Pick an online casino that accepts Cardano

The usual way to do this is to find a casino that’s well regulated and licensed by one of many gambling authorities, like Curacao Gaming Authority and Malta Gaming Authority. But this is crypto casinos we’re talking about, and having no regulation is probably the most appealing aspect of it. That’s why you should seek pure crypto casinos and filter them out.

Next, select the casino with the best bonuses, games, terms, conditions, and all other factors that could impact your gameplay, that also accepts Cardano/ADA. Best to try searching for a hybrid crypto casino that supports Cardano, although this is going to be a challenging task because these days hybrid casinos accept primarily Bitcoin, and all other cryptos are quite rare.

make a deposit

Make a deposit/Link your crypto wallet

Once you’ve made an account, all that’s left is to deposit funds. In the Deposits section, there probably is Cardano listed as a viable deposit method. You will either receive a QR code that you can scan with your wallet or the casino’s wallet address that you have to enter manually. In both cases, the outcome is identical and your funds should be in your casino account.

If by some chance you are playing at a pure crypto casino, you can directly link your crypto wallet to your casino account. This offers many advantages – bypassing all other transaction methods and fees, and eliminating all intermediaries, thus making your withdrawals almost instant and free of all transaction fees and limitations.

play casino games

Enjoy your casino

We urge you to have fun first and foremost in the best Cardano casino there is. As we like to say, there is no such thing as a frustrated casino winner, and playing your favorite games is essential in this regard. Find an online casino that is not just ADA-friendly, but a fully-fledged crypto casino – one that features all the games that you truly love. After all, having fun and feeling good is a cornerstone of every single major gambling win.

Cardano Casinos

Most online casinos, even the best casinos that we know of, still do not support Cardano/ADA deposits and withdrawals, nor can you play casino games using this cryptocurrency. But this is not to say that you can’t find provably fair games in ADA Casinos – you just have to search a bit harder these days.

We are 100% sure that in the near future, almost all casinos recognize the potential of the Cardano blockchain. Hopefully, Cardano deposits will become a staple in crypto casinos all around the world. Also, finding a casino site that can be dubbed a pure Cardano online casino is still a work in progress.

Even the mighty Bitcoin is having troubles in the branding department, and expecting Cardano to surpass it seems unrealistic. It’s better to stick to crypto casinos until Cardano becomes a household name.

Cardano Casino Games

Again, Cardano casinos are not a thing just yet, and top gaming software providers, like Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, etc, are aware of this fact. Finding a casino game designated as a Cardano casino game is not realistic at this point, but that does not mean you can not find great casinos with Cardano on their list of supported cryptos.

Playing Cardano games is quite easy and it’s no different than playing with fiat currencies. Unless you are a high roller, you will mostly use Lovelace units of ADA crypto, and depending on the type of casino you will either use them directly from your wallet or exchange your fiat currencies into cryptos and continue from there.

bitcoin online casino slots

Cardano online slots

Cardano slots and video poker games are not what you could call common. The same goes for jackpot games and progressive jackpots – finding such games is truly a tall order. But, you can still enjoy slots using ADA, or Lovelace if you like going slowly and carefully, it just takes time and effort to find Cardano casinos that support such slots. Fortunately, we at BestBitcoinCasino did most of the job for you, and nowadays it is not impossible to locate a casino site that accepts Cardano.

bitcoin casino table games

Cardano table games

Unlike slots, finding a good table games section that accepts cryptos can be quite challenging, especially for players coming from so-called problematic countries with lots of restrictions imposed by casinos. As far as we know, in most cases, you have to convert your Cardano/ADA assets into USD, or some other, more popular crypto at the moment. Still, Cardano is becoming stronger and stronger in terms of game accessibility.

This is especially true in pure crypto casinos that host games exclusively made for them. In reality, those exclusive games are pretty much your regular games turned into a crypto-friendly variant and branded by the said casino. In conclusion, if you insist on playing table games with Cardano, we advise you to find a casino that features games exclusively made for that single purpose.

live casino bitcoin

Cardano live casino games

This is going to be even harder to solve because we have not yet reached the moment where cryptos are accepted as a viable and popular payment method for live dealer games. Online casinos and game providers still insist mostly on fiat currencies, but it is not impossible to find a casino that supports some form of cryptos in the live games section.

Unfortunately, those live casinos usually accept Bitcoin and it is near impossible to use Cardano in a live studio environment. If you really must use Cardano in a live casino studio, your best choice of action is to convert them into a more popular cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

sports betting bitcoin

Cardano Sportsbook

Using a sportsbook with cryptos is no different from making sports bets with regular money. You can place Cardano bets on sports, virtual sports, and other casino games, provided that a casino supports ADA. If not, you can still exchange it for another cryptocurrency.

Cardano Casino Bonuses

We feel like a broken record, but this is the truth – Cardano has yet to become a truly viable casino currency. It is almost impossible to find a welcome bonus indexed in ADA, and most of them are solely based on Bitcoin. But this is where things start to look better – with the arrival of pure crypto casinos, casino customers are expecting more and more bonus offers indexed in cryptos, with Cardano/ADA being one of them.

This is extremely important for casino players because crypto bonuses tend to be much more generous than your regular fiat-based bonuses and incentives. We always advise our readers to opt for crypto bonuses due to the higher amount of bonus money, lower wagering, and much, much faster withdrawals. Just be patient, time is working for us and hefty Cardano bonuses are bound to happen at some point.

crypto casino sign in bonus

Cardano welcome bonus

A massive welcome bonus is what all players are about, but this is where things start to become a bit more difficult. We always advise our readers to opt for crypto deposit bonuses because they are the most generous deals you can get in this industry, but finding a bonus strictly related to Cardano is almost impossible at the moment.

If you happen to have Cardano/ADA tokens to spare, you can always find a casino that lets you exchange them for another currency. Or you can do it by yourself, and maximize your casino potential by claiming a welcome bonus offer indexed in some other crypto, most commonly Bitcoin.

crypto casino reload bonus

Cardano reload bonus

Reload bonuses are like smaller cousins of welcome bonuses and their purpose is to animate and reward existing casino players. We hate to bring the bad news, but casinos with Cardano related reload bonuses are extremely rare. Most crypto casinos offer Bitcoin reload bonuses and in some cases less popular cryptos like Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, and others.

Such offers can be significantly better than regular reloads indexed in fiat currency so it’s a good idea to claim them ASAP. If, however, a casino doesn’t accept Cardano, you can always exchange it into crypto that can be put to good use.

crypto casino cashback bonus

Cardano cashback

If you have managed to deposit your ADA funds into a casino, and there is a cashback available, go for it! A cashback is a type of incentive that makes your losses hurt less by giving you back a small portion of your lost money. Once you deposit funds using Cardano, you can expect a cashback bonus in said currency, but as repeated many times in this text, finding a casino that supports Cardano/ADA can be quite difficult.

bitcoin casino free spins

Cardano free spins

Again, finding a free spin offer specially designed for Cardano users is just not realistic. In fact, cryptos are notorious for their lack of free spins, and when all is said and done, it’s more likely to stumble upon a great crypto bonus in terms of bonus money, than to get a few free spins you could use on slots.

The Advantages of Using Cardano

Cardano casinos offer numerous advantages compared to other gambling enterprises. Here are some of the most tangible benefits that a Cardano gambling site can offer:

Lightning speed

Cardano network operates at tremendous speeds. It handles over 250 transactions in a second, while Ethereum can manage around 15 or so. Cryptos and e-wallets are generally the quickest in the world of crypto gambling, but the Cardano network raises the bar on a totally different level of operation.

A high degree of decentralization

With anyone being able to become a node validator, the network has a huge potential to become the ultimate decentralized system in the world. Cardano/ADA has over 1,500 validator pools, so it’s easy to see why playing casino games in a Cardano casino is such a tempting offer.

Low fees and carbon print

Nothing beats fiscal efficiency – the average cost of a Cardano transaction is measured in a couple of American cents, while a single Ethereum transaction can set you back for a whopping $15. On the other hand, blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin require an enormous amount of electric energy for the mining process. Compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, Cardano uses only around 1% of energy respectively, offering us a viable, green method to deal with cryptos.

Anyone can stake

Cardano is one of those cryptocurrencies where you don’t need a lot to stake. In fact, all you need is a minimum of 5.5 ADA tokens to start staking. Of course, you should probably get a few more, but when compared to cryptocurrencies like Ethereum’s 32 token requirements, Cardano is an absolute breeze to get into.

The Disadvantages of Using Cardano

There are two sides to every coin so here are some of the drawbacks that could influence your decision on dealing with Cardano:

Not all online casinos accept Cardano

This is probably the biggest Cardano drawback – traditional casinos are slow to accept new rules and policies, and a good ADA Casino is still a relatively rare find in the world of online gambling. Online casino sites are slowly starting to embrace Cardano/ADA, both in sports betting and traditional casino games. Still, it will take some time before we have many online casinos that support Cardano/ADA deposits and withdrawals.

Cardano vs Ethereum

It seems that in the eyes of the audience Cardano is constantly battling against Ethereum, because of the fact they all share the same heritage and a founder. The problem is, that Ethereum has a lot, and we do mean A LOT, more users involved and it is far more valuable. It uses a different mining approach and people are still more interested in Ethereum than ADA. On top of that, Cardano’s major competitor, Solana, seems to be growing at a significantly faster pace, making potential Cardano investors even more hesitant.

Voting mechanism

Cardano token holders all vote on the future of the entire blockchain. People can vote on two issues – there are funding proposals and Cardano improvement proposals. The former is done via a dedicated voting app, and the latter via a GitHub repository. Now, all this looks nice and democratic but having your assets invested in a system where other people can decide the fate of your funds is a bit unsettling.

Losing rewards

Sadly, your rewards can be lost in certain scenarios. If a stake pool’s servers are unavailable during a time when a block is about to be minted, you could lose your rewards. You can check pools regularly to see if are there any blocks missing but there are better solutions to this problem. One possibility, experts claim, is for Cardano to develop and introduce smart contracts that will execute pre-assigned operations only when particular conditions are met – just like Ethereum.

Play Online Casino Games with Cardano

best cardano casino sites

Although it may take time for Cardano Casinos to become popular, playing at Cardano Casino today can reap huge benefits. In our personal experience, crypto casinos are slowly starting to accept Cardano, and it is possible to find a Cardano casino with excellent casino games and a hefty welcome bonus tailored specifically for cryptos.

We are certain that in the near future, gambling sites will become more open to Cardano gambling, just as it happened with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cardano casinos are the future, and it’s the traditional casinos that must adapt to the world filled with casinos accepting Cardano, or simply become obsolete and vanish.

Thanks for reading our text on Cardano gambling sites, we hope it removed a mystery of two regarding this interesting cryptocurrency that is yet to release its full potential, and helped you make an informed decision whether you should join a Cardano casino, or simply start investing and making Cardano transactions and stakes on a regular basis.


  • What is Cardano?

    Cardano is an open-source, decentralized public blockchain platform that uses proof of stake to achieve consensus. It was founded in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum, and it is the largest cryptocurrency to use a proof of stake blockchain. Cardano has internal crypto called ADA and it can be used to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions. Cardano crypto coins were launched in 2017 and are named after the famous Italian mathematician Gerolamo Cardano.

  • Where to buy Cardano?

    After you make all the necessary preparations, such as creating a Cardano wallet, you can buy Cardano on many different platforms, such as Coinbase, Bitstamp, Kraken, Binance, SoFi, eToro, Bitfinex, WeBull, Paybis, etc.

  • How to stake Cardano?

    You can stake Cardano and receive passive payouts using multiple methods. Number one is Daedalus, the official crypto wallet developed by the Cardano team. It will allow you to gain access to the entire copy of the Cardano blockchain, so technically speaking it is a full node wallet that will take a lot of storage space. The staking goes as high as 5% per year, which is drastically better than the average interest rate on savings. If you decide not to download and install Daedalus, you can opt for other methods such as Yoroi, Exodus Binance, or some other way to stake Cardano/ADA.

  • How many Cardano Coins are there?

    Cardano has a limited number of 45 billion coins, and as of today, there are over 34 billion tokens in circulation.

  • Do many crypto casinos accept Cardano?

    Compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other popular cryptocurrencies, Cardano is not as popular on crypto gambling sites. So, the answer has to be no, casinos accepting Cardano are somewhat rare, but this is not to say that you can’t play crypto casino games in the best Cardano casinos – you just have to spot one in our ADA casino reviews.

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