DAO.Casino Token Sale Campaign Reaches $13M

Jul 05, 2017
DAO.Casino Token Sale Campaign Reaches $13M

The DAO.Casino token sale campaign made an impressive start, reaching $13 million on its fifth day. The ICO has more than two weeks left in the campaign to reach its target value of $25 million.

DAO.Casino is a platform that uses smart contracts of the Ethereum blockchain. One of the benefits of the platform is to allow game developers to directly offer its titles to players, as compared to the set-up in Bitcoin casinos.

Optimistic results for the DAO.Casino token sale

DAO.Casino token sale campaign

The DAO.Casino token sale at this time of writing is $13,633,800 or 445,496 ETH. This is the second period of the campaign where 1 ETH equals to 1,800 BET tokens. Previously, 1 ETH equals to 2,000 BET tokens.

Early adopters who are looking for a cheap price on the BET tokens still have 10 days before the campaign enters the third period. During the third period, 1 ETH will only give 1,700 BET tokens.

The ICO campaign will last for 28 days or until the token sale reaches the maximum cap. The max cap of the campaign is $25 million or 83333.33 ETH.

With more than 10 days left in the second period of the campaign, investors or early adopters can still participate before the next price increase. Participants can only buy BET tokens with the Ether currency.

Joining the token sale campaign

It is important to note that participants must only use Ethereum clients where they have full control of their private keys. This includes Metamask and Parity. The private keys of the addresses that a participant used to send in Ether are where his BET token balance is going to appear.

The team behind DAO.Casino prohibits the use of Ether exchanges, Jaxx, and wallets that have multi-signatures. Sending in Ether with any of these clients or wallets could result in the loss of a participant’s Ethereum and BET.

DAO.Casino token sale is not available to any US citizens. Participants will need to sign a digital statement that says they are not a resident of the US. After the token sale, US residents can purchase BET tokens via the secondary market.

Meanwhile, participants who want to exchange BET tokens back to Ether will not have any means to do it during the ICO. However, there will be independent token exchanges in the future. These exchanges will allow participants to trade their tokens for ones that allow them to exchange it to Ether.

More about DAO.Casino

DAO.Casino is a casino platform that has an open ecosystem. The platform is designed to compensate the right amount of tokens to a contributor. Contributors include software providers that offer games to the platforms. It also includes affiliates and casino licensees that offer players to the platform. Even random number generators are compensated for the game results it generates. The automation with the use of the smart contracts ensures that all contributors and players are rewarded with the right BET amount.