Bitcoin Debit Cards

As more individuals are using crypto currencies, the more companies are producing products that can bring more convenience to their clients. One of these useful products is Bitcoin debit cards which make using crypto currencies easier. To know more about Bitcoin debit cards, read everything on this page. You can also gain more understanding of Bitcoin and the Bitcoin casino market, including Bitcoin slot and Bitcoin casino no deposit deals, if you check the other pages on Best Bitcoin Casino.

Trusted Bitcoin debit cards

  • Spectrocoin –it is a card that allows you to withdraw from any ATM machines around the world.
  • Bitpay –this card has no transaction fees, which is why you can transact as much as you want to.
  • Cryptopay – this is the oldest debit card available and allows purchases online and offline.
  • Xapo – this card makes sure that your funds are directly sent to your Xapo web wallet.
  • Wirex – this is a chip & pin Visa debit card that can be loaded through your Wirex app.
  • Shift – this card is directly connected to your Coinbase exchange
  • ANX – this debit card is usually used for corporate reward programs.
  • Coinsbank – this card allows you to instantly convert crypto and fiat currencies.
  • Paycent – the card has a merchant lock to protect your account at all times.
  • Bitwala – it is currently the most affordable Bitcoin debit card in terms of price and fees.

What are Bitcoin debit cards?

Bitcoin debit cards act as your regular debit card, but instead of storing real money in the account, you have in there bitcoins. These debit cards function just the same and yet it offers more convenience because you can use your bitcoins in paying for items in shops. After all, you just simply swipe your debit card at any local store to make a payment.

Apart from that, you can also withdraw from ATMs through this card. The machine will automatically convert your crypto currency to fiat currency. The convenience of this card does not stop there because it can also work as a backup. In case you run out of funds, you can always use your Bitcoin card.

Unfortunately, once you have a debit card, you are required to deposit your money into the account of a debit card company. This could mean that you are giving the company the power to control your coins. Just make sure that the debit card company is trustworthy. After all, there is no harm in researching about the company first before buying the card.

Why should you use Bitcoin debit cards?

Bitcoin debit cards are convenient and easy to use. Through those, you can pay online and in person. You are not only limited to online paying because you can now buy goods at your favorite local store with this card. Other than that, the card protects your funds as well. You can also receive funds from around the world and easily withdraw them.