ANX Bitcoin debit cards give you the connection you need between your digital assets and traditional payment methods. If you own one, you can use it anywhere you go—whether offline or online—and use it like a normal credit card.

While there are several other Bitcoin debit cards on the market, those from ANX offer an edge that even individuals in the Bitcoin casino market may find too hard to ignore. As such, many Bitcoin slot and Bitcoin poker players, other than corporate users, do own this Bitcoin debit card.

2 Types of ANX Bitcoin Debit Cards

As of this writing, ANX has two card types: elite and premium. Both cards have different benefits for you to enjoy, as well as the design of the debit card.

  1. ANX Elite – this Bitcoin debit card has no limit on POS and online transactions. It is based in US dollars and has no maximum balance. This card also comes with the embossed name of the cardholder.
  2. ANX Premium – this Bitcoin debit card is also based in US dollars and features the same features of the Elite version. But the Premium debit card offers more like speed loading and zero monthly fees.

How to Enjoy Top Features of ANX Cards

Convenient Fund Transfers

To bring convenience to its clients, you can transfer bitcoins to your card. Just simply fund the card and you can use it for your daily expenses. Apart from that, using this card is safer compared to carrying cash. This is because if you ever lose your card, you can immediately block it and recover your money.

Automatic Currency Conversions

Not only that, with this card, you can say good bye to exchanges because your card will automatically convert your currencies. The card is open to all currencies that is why you no longer have to check if your currency is available or not.

Accessible Worldwide

Another benefit is that since the card is not limited to any currency, you can use it anywhere you want to. This card is open to over 25 million merchants worldwide. Apart from that, you can withdraw at any ATM machine. With this, you will no longer have troubles looking for ATMs or stores that can accept your card; you can use this product anywhere you wish to.

Quick Registration

Furthermore, if you are interested to buy this card, you can get it with just a simple click. Unlike other debit cards, ANX does not require you any process, verification, or paperwork. You just need to order, fill out some data, and wait for the card to arrive.