If you think that Bitpay only works as a wallet, you are wrong because it also has a debit card. It is also considered as one of the quickest and most convenient ways to convert your fiat currencies to crypto currencies unlike other Bitcoin debit cards. Through this card, you can already shop online and at your favorite local stores. You just need to load your card and wait for a few minutes.

Here is useful info you need to know before you get your Bitpay Bitcoin debit card and see why it is the perfect pair for players who enjoy spending the wins they get from playing Bitcoin dice and Bitcoin slot games from the top Bitcoin casinos online.

How Bitpay card works

The only way you can get your Bitpay card is to order from the company website. This process will require you to give your personal info and to pay the card fee. It normally takes seven to 10 business day to receive your purchased card. And when you get your card, you should activate it right away to start using it. Activating it will need you to nominate a PIN for your account. Just make sure to not lose your PIN to continue using the card.

Afterward, you have to load your card with your local currency through your Bitcoin wallet. Remember to check what fiat currency is available before you load the card. You can also deposit directly through your employer. Apart from that, the card can be used in any store, but you should make sure that it accepts crypto currencies as payment. You can also use the card to withdraw from any ATM.

What the advantages of Bitpay are

This debit card was created to bring convenience to its users. With its simplicity, even first timers will be fond of it. This card also allows you to see your transactions and purchases on the mobile app, and most of all, all its transactions are free. This means that you do not have to worry about unjustified fees plus you can transact as much as you want to.

Another advantage of this card is that it is open to more than 100 countries. According to CEO Stephen Pair, Bitpay is the first debit card that is available in 131 countries. Now, users from different countries can enjoy the benefits that this card offers.

With the increasing number of debit cards, Bitpay will continue to launch more features that can amaze its clients and attract more users.