Bitwala is a Bitcoin debit card that promises to give its clients the lowest and most transparent fees unlike other Bitcoin debit cards. With this card, you can now enjoy going to Bitcoin casinos. You can play Bitcoin slot and other online games as much as you want plus earn Bitcoin casino bonus deals. Try this card and appreciate its features.

Great Features of Bitwala Card

No limits

Bitcoin debit cards are created to give convenience to clients. It aims to provide you with services that other Bitcoin products do not have. With Bitwala, you can now shop online and from in-stores. You can also use this card anywhere and anytime you want. Moreover, you can pay your bills with this card.

Cheap fees

Unlike other cards, you can expect that you will not have a problem with its fees. The prices are lower and reasonable. Also, all your fees will be transparent because you can check your balance on your wallet every time you purchase a product. The company makes sure that you will stick with your budget and the fees will not be a problem for you.

Available worldwide

One of the reasons why there are tons of users who prefer this card is because you can withdraw and deposit into any ATM around the world. Also, this card is available for almost 30 million merchants. Not only those, you can also withdraw and convert your coins to any currency that you want to.

How Bitwala Bitcoin Card works

Here are the simple steps that you need to do first before you can enjoy the benefits of this Bitcoin card.

  1. Verify – go to the official website of Bitwala and sign up. Once you are done, you have to verify your identity by providing your IDs such as passport and utility bill. Wait for the confirmation before you proceed.
  2. Request – once you are verified, you can now order your card. Take note that Bitwala has a physical card and a virtual card. Each card has a different purpose and price.
  3. Activate – after the card arrives, you can now access it using your online account. Just make sure that you remember your password for you to be able to access it.
  4. Transfer – you can use your local currency and the card will automatically convert it to crypto coins or vice versa.
  5. Savor – enjoy all the benefits that this card can do for you. With all the features of this card, it would be a shame if you will not explore and have fun.